A Field of Flowers


Through a field of flowers.

Pink petals in my hair.

Follow the babbling brook.

At the mountains I stare.


Green grass for carpeting.

Wisps of white clouds float free.

White snow caps the mountains.

Grey rocks all I can see.


Grey surrounds oasis.

A mirage that can’t be.

Flowers lift their faces.

An illusion for me.



Pink flowers to fill my day.

Petals falling in soft flight.

Ready to come out and play.

A soothing and heady sight.

A shady path to soft dreams.

To hot days and warmer nights.

Pink filling the lakes and streams.

A large toast to spring’s best sights.



I want to walk through a meadow of flowers,

breathing in the sweet taunting fragrance.

I want to let my hair down to fly free

as the warm breeze tickles my hot skin.

I want to lie down on the soft yellow pillows,

my face to the sun looking down from above.

I want to be lost in the sea of flowers,

Where no one will ever find me again.



A closed door.

It can open to many things.

It can lead to a garden of flowers.

It can also lead to unspeakable horrors.

What are you in the mood for?

Do you want pretty flowers, 

or do you want to explore the unknown?

The choice is yours.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist






Lost and forgotten.

Dripping in snow.

Frozen with ice.

Wheels shivering.

Handlebars sagging.

Until the spring.

Flowers blooming.

Roads clearing.

Water dripping off.

Wheels turning.

Its seat taken.

Out for a ride.




Safe and secure.

Beneath the bridge.

Rain splashing free.

Wild on its journey.

Watering the trees.

Filling the grass.

Life for the flowers.

Puddles for the concrete.

A splash.

A spray.

Cold on my face.


Surrounding me.

With life.




I dream of a place

where time stands still.

Petals fly from trees,

a pink hue cast on all.

Climb the stairs to the castle,

where fantasies come to life.

The warm breeze carries music

on swirling rainbows of light.

Pretty maidens dance in circles

around the courtyard of flowers.

Men become drunk on giggles

and flirty stares cast their way.

Who is the ruler of this paradise?

It is I, the dreamer of dreams.


Watch it grow.
Watch it bloom.
Pretty rose.
Sweet perfume. 

The beautiful color.
Pink like cotton candy.
Facing the morning sun.
Happy as a dandy.

It is a bud.
When will it bloom
and open wide?
I hope it’s soon.

I’m ready for flowers.
I’m ready for spring.
Eager to see the buds.
Let the spring bells ring.

How about one rose?
The first bloom of the season.
That would be enough.
I think it’s within reason.