The sky glows red

with anger.

It shrieks thunder.

It rains tears.

Lightning sizzles

across its angry face.




The sky is still in command.

It shows its wrath.

Then it grows calm

and releases the blue skies.




I’m over here.

I can smell your fear.

You won’t be alone.

I can hear your moan.


I’ll be rising soon

On the next full moon.

We’ll rise from down under

On lightning and thunder.


You will not recognize me.

I’ll be different you see.

My new body is strong.

Now do not get me wrong.


I still love you, my dear.

Of that, please have no fear.


THE DEAD GAME continues


Prey for The Dead Book IILightning moving


What if Wolf isn’t dead?

Will he return to Oasis, Florida?

Will he bring an army?

The ground shakes.

Waves rise.

Thunder echoes through town.

Lightning flashes hot.

Leaves fall from trees.

Birds flee for their lives.

He’s here.




Shades of Grey


An orange streak hits the spot

Where day and night meet a lot.

Flames float to the sky

From arms raised up high.

The light play continues through the night

As we watch and hold each other tight.

The sky lightens to shades of grey

As it welcomes the coming day.

Happy, we made it through the long, dark night.

The rising sun is a welcome sight.


Brutal winds follow close on my heels.
Thunder and lightning join the crusade.
Fluorescent lights paint the night sky
In rings of orange, yellow, and red. 

A vortex of horror in unending circles
Makes its way to the town of Oasis.
I wait with a sword in hand,
Secure in the knowledge that Wolf won’t win. 

The Watchers have joined the battle.
I can see them on the hill beyond.
Their raincoats flap in the wind,
Revealing their hidden weapons.

We protect Linda from the devil,
Standing firm in the fighting winds.
The Father clutches his bible of spells
To help cast the evil from this town.

Humans, vampires, and human vampires
Have come together as one.
The last battle on this earthly planet
Will determine the fate of us all.

Linda holds onto her friends,
Huddled together in the raging winds.
Will she choose wisely?
Will she choose me above The Dead?

The time has come for the showdown.
Time has slowed to a stop.
We raise our weapons above our heads
As we wait for evil to make its final appearance.

Wolf sports a new body.
I still recognize his deadly soul.
A new package for an old one
Does not change the battle to be won.

Our games have just begun.





A red glow lights the street,

falling right at our feet.

We pound the pavements in fright,

fleeing the force of the night.

Vibrations hit the ground

from thunder all around.

The street light sways and groans

as we head for our homes.

Who will save us from these creatures

that torment and won’t release us?

I can see the road ahead.

I hope it leads to my bed.

I can’t take another night

of this endless, losing fight.


THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist