Weeping Petals

I can’t touch you.

You are gone.

I must accept this.

There’s no coming back.

No second chances.



Dark are the nights

The storm approaches the shore.

Dampness fills the air.

Mist sprays against my face.

Thunder rumbles in the distance.

Flashes light the darkening sky.

Yes, I can feel it.​

It’s almost here.

Will I lose myself to it?

Will it bring me down to its depths?

I spread my arms wide.

Lift my head up high.

And let myself fall.

Arms pull me under.

Lips reach for mine.

I’m lost for eternity.

Lost to the rushing wind.

Held prisoner of the ultimate despair.

Partner in pain and sorrow.

The choice is made and done.

I float away with my dear one.

Together we will forge a path

Through darkness and hell

To the heavenly place beyond.




My tears fall like weeping petals,

dripping down their long stem.

No hope is left in my heart

for us to be together again.

Raindrops cannot bring back this rose

nor my tears a love gone bad.

I lay my head down in sorrow

beside the wilted petals of despair.



Hard choices.

Which one to choose?

Both lead to darkness

and despair.

Some decisions don’t

have happy endings.

But we are forced to choose.

Which one?

What to do?

Such is life.

Close your eyes and pick one.

Happy trails.