Light squeezes between the leaves.

Eyes to the sky serve me best.

Rays cast hot fingers on me.

Sun has passed its daily test.


The circle widens and deepens.

A place to while away the day.

I keep to its rounded corners.

A place I’ve come to love and pray.



Wrzaski. by narva on DeviantArt



I’ve seen what I should’ve have seen.

My eyes won’t close for sleep.

My heart refuses to stop racing.

My tears have dried up.

My blood boils hot and steamy.

I’m lost in this world.

I’ll soon be one with the next.




My eyes see the light beyond

where humans hurry to and fro.

My eyes see the darkness inside

where humans have no pride.

They fight and attack each other

with no regard for their species.

They rant and rave over their passions

with little concern for the welfare of others.

My eyes see the good and the bad,

leaving me all too sad.



Alley dark

She peeks through the curtain.

Of this I am certain,

she knows nothing of fear

as I draw myself near.

A smile is on her face

as I quicken my pace.

The window grows dark

but she left her mark.

I know which room she does live in.

It must be tidy as a pin.

Her dark eyes have beseeched me.

I know she will complete me.

I just have to summon the courage

before my heart goes back to storage.

We belong together as one.

I won’t stop until I have won.

I raise my hand to the door.

My tears are ready to pour.

I won’t step away.

I’ve come to here stay.


Why is there a big cat in my bedroom?

Am I awake or still sleeping?

It’s watching me.

Waiting for something.

Go away!

Oh no!

Now my clock has come to life.

Its eyes are ticking back and forth.

Is it my cat or my clock?

Stranger and stranger.


There are cats everywhere.

Staring at me.


Do you feel a little strange?

Your eyes are blurry.

Kindly step away from the computer.