Let’s travel through the forest so green.

A creature-filled oasis but don’t scream.

The roots tangle around our feet.

Walking becomes a scary feat.

Neon leaves hit our faces.

A hit every few paces.

I’m sinking deep into the forest floor.

Quicksand my enemy forevermore.




The green hides inside

With unspoken pride.

It comes at night,

Growing in might.

A fine mist falls first

As trees drink from thirst.

They swallow the green whole

By forming a deep hole.

As the fairies alight on leaves,

I need out of here, pretty please.




The hallway waits.

It beckons.

A green light shows the way.

Closed doors on either side.

Cries fill the air.

A coldness descends.

Then total silence.

I inch forward.

I peer into a room.

A wheelchair sits empty.


I step into the hallway

and follow the sounds.

The door at the end stands open.

Surgeons stand around a table.

They turn and smile at me.

They fade from sight.

Then I’m on the table.

Doctors stand above me.

I must escape.

A scalpel descends.

Too late.


green forests

waldweg VIII





A seat on a bench is what I seek,

But a veil of green taunts for a peek.

It pulls me deeper into the maze.

I follow in a dark kind of daze.

Squawks and shrieks call to me

As I try to break free.

Branches wrap tight around my neck.

On my cheek, I feel a light peck.

I look up to eyes so blue and true.

I cannot believe it’s only you.

I’m in my bed safe and sound

With no horror to be found.




Green grows deep in the forest,

slithering up the tall trees,

digging holes in the brown earth.

The earth rumbles and quakes,

yearning to free itself

from the shackles of green

tethered to its arms and legs.

Soon all is slathered in the lime color

as a green mist gathers and circles.





A flower is a perfect spot.

The yellow looks scrumptious to me. 

Pink flowers will be my next stop.

I’m happy as a buzzing bee.


Spreading joy through the leafy green.

Nectar to my toes through my nose.

Stopping here and there in between.

Sharing everywhere like a hose.