The petals fall fast and furious.

The bare trees watch the fallen.

Limbs shivering in the coming cold.

Pink tears of surrender coat the ground.

As seasons come and go.

Yearning for their lost children.

They lift scraggly arms to the sky.

Prayers will soon be answered,

As seasons come and go.

Coats of white land on their branches.

Night falling all too soon.

Shivers dislodge the packed ice.

Leaving them bare once again.

They lift weary eyes to the sky.

As seasons come and go.

A warm wind caresses their arms.

Eyes open to sprouting buds.

Green and pink sweaters for spring.

Their children have returned.

As seasons come and go.









They tickle my toes.

They line up in rows.

Oh! What can they be?

A starfish or three?

The water has a pink shine.

Too many colors to rhyme.

Red for my long, long hair.

Orange fish who swim near.

Yellow for the rays of the sun.

Blue for the water that’s so fun.

I can stay here the whole day.

The seagulls have come to play.

The birds circle around me.

Yes! It’s the best place to be.






Color my world in shades of pink,

so long as I don’t have to think.

Brush more color in strokes of blue,

so I don’t have to think of you.

Add a mist of dark green

until I’m ready to scream.

Throw more colors at me,

but I know what I’ll see.

A world faded to black

until I get you back.




A flower is a perfect spot.

The yellow looks scrumptious to me. 

Pink flowers will be my next stop.

I’m happy as a buzzing bee.


Spreading joy through the leafy green.

Nectar to my toes through my nose.

Stopping here and there in between.

Sharing everywhere like a hose.




A touch of pink at night.

I do not need much light.

I bud in the dark.

My spot in the park.

Can you feel me touch your hair?

If you cannot, please come near.

I’ll sprout in the spring for you and me.

A prettier sight you will not see.


… the inner gauge is rising to its peak …


Anger raises its head

as I thrash in my bed.

The hot flush of pink is flowing.

To my brow, it isn’t slowing.


I remember his aqua eyes

as he retold his many lies.

I watched the grim line of his frown

as he turned my world upside down.


I won’t let him ruin my night.

I need him out of my sight.

No more meetings in the dark

beneath the elm in the park.


No more whispers as we walk.

I know the town loves to talk.

I say goodbye to my fickle love

as the moon bows its head above.