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Read a book by the fire.

The pages will shine brighter.

I don’t need to fight the snowdrifts.

I’ll stay inside with the misfits.

The ones who prefer books

that grab you with their hooks.

The fire is getting low

as the strong winds begin to blow.

I snuggle farther beneath the covers

as I read about murders and lovers.



the book


Please take a closer look.

Something’s wrong with this book.

The words have come alive,

Breaking free to survive.

They are bursting forth with pride.

Smoke is pouring forth from inside.

Words need to be loved and shared

And not forced alone and scared.

Let the stories escape and play.

They will serve to brighten your day.




In a quiet spot.

On a soft chair.

In the sun’s spotlight.

I will read a book.

Eyes wide open.

Mind ready to explore.

Sunlight streaming.

I will read a book.

Hands trembling.

Tears falling.

Sun warming my body.

I will read a book.

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South Africa’s first-ever Book Hotel, the Royal, in Bethulie



Imagine a place like this.

The perfect hotel of bliss.

Endless books to read.

Nothing else I’d need.

Walls of books everywhere.

All you need is a chair.

Never run out of a book.

Just pick your favorite nook.

Read the day away.

Nothing else to say.