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An entity all its own.

A living,



The walls hold secrets

of times gone by,

memories of long ago.

The house keeps

its secrets close.






I think back to times gone by,

when I could still soar and fly.

I took life by its horns.

I knew not of the thorns.

Love hit quickly in a heartbeat.

I jumped in too fast with both feet.

Our love burned bright and hot,

But soon he loved me not.

Hurt, I married another.

Why do I even bother?

Such feelings serve no  purpose

than allow past thoughts resurface.

Does he think of me sometimes?

I still do, at these sad times.



Sing me a song.

Write me a melody

Of times gone by

And moments lost in time.

Stroke the keys.

Massage the ivories.

Raise your voice high

Until I hear your words.

Words of hope and loss.

Sing them loud and clear.

Stories of faraway​ places

And times that are long gone.

I close my eyes.

I can still hear your words.

I can see your fingers

Stroking the black and white.

Your words have taken flight.

They reverberate through time.

They have left your lips

To land on mine.

A sweet melody

To soothe my advancing years.

A pretty song

​To wipe away my empty tears.


Open the door.<br /> Step inside.<br /> The darkness is beckoning you.<br /> Calling you to walk in.<br /> Welcome! Glad you’re here!<br /> Follow the flickering candles.<br /> They will lead you to untold pleasures.<br /> Do you hear the music?<br /> A party is waiting for you in the drawing room.<br /> Don’t be afraid. Peek in.<br /> Do you see the dancers?<br /> Twirling around and around.<br /> You can see through them? Can’t you?<br /> That’s because they’re transparent.<br /> An echo from the past.<br /> Those who lived here before.<br /> And now they inhabit the air.<br /> Their spirits live in these dark rooms.<br /> Now you can join them<br /> and live here forever!<br /> A story that can be told<br /> just by looking at the closed door<br /> and opening the door in your mind.

“Open the door and

Step inside.

The darkness beckons to you.


The wind sighs its plaintive plea.

Cold air swooshes past my face.

Do you hear the music?

A party is waiting for you in the drawing room.

Don’t be afraid.

Peek in.

Can you see the dancers?

Twirling around and around.

You can see through them? 

Can’t you?

That’s because they’re transparent,

An echo from the distant past.

Those who lived here before

Who now inhabit this old house.”

A gowned figure of a woman turns to me.

The flesh slowly shrivels from her body,

Leaving behind a skeleton of bones.

She cackles,  You can now join us.”

Her hand reaches for me.

I turn to flee.

The windows and doors snap shut.

I jiggle the door handle.


Trapped in the deep recesses

of my mind.

No escape.



I close my eyes to sleep,
and what do I see?
The staircase from my past.
The stairs from my
elementary school.
I can hear children’s voices
as they run up the stairs to classes.
I can hear their shouts
as they run down to the basement...



I close my eyes to sleep,

and what do I see?

The staircase from my past.

The stairs from my

elementary school.

I can hear voices

as the children run up the stairs.

to their classes.

I can hear their shouts

as they run down

to the basement for lunch.

I can’t see their faces.

I only hear their voices.

All I can see is the empty staircase.

The lone echo of my childhood.



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My closet holds memories.

It hides my deepest secrets.

It can be dark and dreary.

It can ooze life’s nectar.

I should close the door.

I should never look back.

But I can’t stop myself.

I need to see it once more.



No automatic alt text available.
My life has taken a downward spiral.
All I have taken for granted
is gone in a second.
A fleeting memory
of good times gone by.
Leaving me in a vacuum
of my own despair.
To wander the nights alone.
Voices filling my head.
Ice in my veins.
No one is left
but a ghost of me.



Crystal chandelier of mine.
I love your sparkle and shine.
You bring back memories long gone
when life hadn’t been so far gone.
Remember the parties we used to host?
Fancy guests arriving from coast to coast.
Music and laughter were the rules of the day.
But now all that are left are the bills to pay.