Sing me a song.

Write me a melody.

Stroke the keys.

Massage the ivories.

Raise your voice high

So I can hear your words.

Words of hope and loss.

Sing them loud and clear.

I close my eyes.

I can hear your words.

I see your fingers

Stroking the keys.

The words take flight.

They reverberate through time.

They leave your lips

To land on mine.

A sweet melody

To soothe my advancing years.

A pretty song

To fill my empty soul.


The castle sits in the woods.

Memories fill its walls.

Echoes of laughter

vibrate the still air.

Whisps of smoke float 

between the trees.

A transparent shadow

settles beside me,

with a tap on my shoulder,

a sigh in my ear.

With a wistful smile, I say,

Goodbye, my love.

We’ll be together again soon.




Crystal chandelier of mine.

I love your sparkle and shine.

You bring back memories long gone

when life hadn’t been so far gone.

Remember the parties we used to host?

Fancy guests arriving from coast to coast.

Music and laughter were the rules of the day.

But now all that is left are the bills to pay.


splendiferoushoneyby Martin at hipydeus


The past calls.

A past filled with parties.

Balls held at the castle.

Dancers in the moonlight.

Close your eyes.

A carriage waits for you.

You arrive at the castle.

Footmen escort you.

You ascend the staircase,

wearing your new ball gown.

A man leads you to the dance floor.

Close your eyes.

Yes, it is a dream.

Keep your eyes closed,

and sway to the music.



I close my eyes to sleep,

and what do I see?

The staircase from my past.

The stairs from my

elementary school.

I can hear the children’s voices

as they climb the stairs to classes.

I hear their shouts as they descend

to the basement for lunch.

I can’t see their faces.

I only hear their voices.

The staircase waits for me.

If I return,

will my dream go away?

I drift back to sleep and

dream of the empty staircase.