Walls surround me,

but I see past them.

Concrete blocks me,

but I tunnel through.

The stars sparkle.

The moon shines.

I raise my arm.

Walls disappear.

I walk into the night.



Welcome the night
And its friend, the moon.
Don’t take flight
From the man in the moon.

Let the moon take over
From the sun’s bright reign.
Let the sun take cover
Without hesitation or pain.

A thick blanket will fall,
Covering the earth with security.
Darkness will cover all
With its grace and purity.

The stars will twinkle and shine.
For the sun, do not pine.
It will be back tomorrow morning
So no need for any worrying.


quietmoodygirlbenjoyment: Last night’s Supermoon.


The moon creeps 

through the maze of clouds,

a dark blanket

where stars sparkle and shine.

Time to welcome the dark shadows,

the nightwalkers,

the dreamers,

the ghosts of the past.

Welcome the night creatures

who are brave enough

to face the night.

For the night is here to stay.


plasmatics-life Deactivated

Night Walk – {by Tiina Törmänen} | {Official WebSite}



Walk the night.

The cold wraps you in a cocoon

filled with the fresh scent of snowfall.

Listen as the snow falls.

It brushes the ground and branches

with a white brushstroke against a dark canvas.

Look to the twinkling stars.

Bright spots dodge grey clouds

to peek at the dusted ground below.

Snowflakes mist your hair

and land on your tongue.

Take a deep breath.

Engage your senses.

Walk the night.



Sky Explosion (by drxgonfly)



Reflections from above

surround me like a glove.

Hues of purple and pink

make me ponder and think.

I lift my face high

to the starry sky.

What is the reason I am here?

Why do I live my life in fear?

Questions in my mind

seek what I can’t find.

A shooting star streaks by.

“Is this my answer?” I sigh.

A bird perches near my arm.

I jump in fear and alarm.

Its black eyes stare back at me

and with a wink, it flies free.

I am alone with the night

with the moon at its full height.

My fear falls away like a cloak.

I begin to cry with a choke.

The bird has shown me a place

where I can reveal my face.