Costume designed by Eiko Ishioka (1938~2012)

Come to me, my pretty.
I’m waiting with open arms.
Grab hold of my gown.
I will take you on an adventure.
The bats will be your guide.
Don’t worry.
No one will harm you.
Unless I say so.
Would you follow her?
What else comes to mind
when you see such a gown?




Wherever you are,

Know that I’m with you.

My thoughts follow you.

I feel your pain

and relish in your joys.

I visit your dreams.

I’m beside you when you wake.

My spirit will keep you warm.

My arms will comfort you

in the dark days ahead.

Wherever you are,

I’ll be there.






Please wash away my sorrow and pain.
Let it flow down the streets with the rain.
Dissolved in torrents of despair and sadness,
Joining others on its way past the madness.

The ocean may take it far away,
To places, we cannot even say.
Where no one recognizes its sting 
Or knows the infliction it can bring.

Let the rain grow harder with its might,
Becoming hail on this fateful night.
I want to be free of all traces
Of unwanted feelings and faces.

My body grows cold from the rain.
It stands clean and free from the pain.
Shivers create a path down my spine,
As I wait in the dark woods of pine.

I hold my head high to the wet spray.
It becomes a mist of blue and grey.
The faucet has turned off for the night,
Leaving me feeling clean and so right.




Night Walk – {by Tiina Törmänen} | {Official WebSite}



A walk in the dark.

Alone in the park.

The cold creeps.

The trees shiver.

The falling snow whispers.

The stars sparkle.

No voices.

No noises.

Alone with the snow

And the bitter cold.




Purple sprays my face.

Orange blinds my eyes.

Ice coats my toes.

Salt whips my hair.

I shut my eyes and walk.

My heels dig into the wet sand.

I move deeper into the water.

Waves attack my shivering body.

I waver for a moment.

Then I continue my journey.

I slit my eyes open.

The sky burns red.

The sun has lowered its face.

I stand in icy water in muted colors of amber.

Time to return to the shore.

Or not.

I continue to walk.



Crowds of people.

Cars honking.

People pushing.

Where are they going?

A blur to me.

A mass of humanity.

Hurrying to their end.

No individuality.

No manners.

A need to get somewhere fast.

Trapped in their thoughts.

In a hurry to go nowhere.