Autumn Fence, Woodstock, Vermont


A walk down a country road,

not knowing what it may hold.

Leaves crunch loudly beneath my feet,

walking fast is no easy feat.

I need to get home to make dinner,

I’d hoped the walk would make me thinner.

But I need to slow down and breath the air,

as sweet as cotton candy at a fair.

My steps follow the white picket fence,

the other side makes me cold and tense.

The huge dog jumps high in the air,

his eyes white dots in his black hair.

He whimpers and walks closer to me,

his dark eyes as wide as can be.

He lifts a large paw to the gate,

as I slow down my frenzied gait.

I stop in place to pet his head,

I know I have just made my bed.

I will now be home late for dinner,

but the dog knows I’m still the winner.

I have stopped to smell the flowers,

I’m refreshed with super powers.

I race home with new resolve,

no more time puzzles to solve.


In a hurry.

Cars race by.

Colorful streaks of light.

Can’t see the drivers.

Only the lights.

Moving quickly.

Racing somewhere.

But where?

Where the grass is greener.

People are happier.

The food tastes better.

Or not.




Time is ticking away.
I fear I cannot stay.
Goodbyes must be fast,
And soon in the past.
My train is on the track.
I didn’t have time to pack.
So sad to leave today,
But what is there to say?
Goodbye my dear for now 
As I take my last bow.


Too many people on the streets.

Cars honking their horns.

People shoving each other.

When did life become so hectic?

Why is everyone in a hurry?

Where are they all going?

They become a blur to me.

One shoving mass of humanity.

Hurrying to their end.

No individuality.

No caring.

No manners.

Only a need

to get somewhere fast.

Trapped in their

Alice of Wonderland—

in a hurry to go nowhere.



The view from above.

People appear small,

tiny specks in the universe.

Cars are in constant motion.

Everyone is in a hurry,

going around in endless circles.

Going to work, and later

going back home.

Taking elevators up

and then down again.

What’s the hurry?

We all live the same lives.

We live and then we die.

Does it matter where we had

hurried around in between?

All that matters are

who we leave behind.

For these are the only

ones who will remember

that we had been here.

And why we had been here.


All is quiet.

Night is approaching.

I see humans in the distance.

And they have food.

I’m getting hungry.

There’s no hurry.

I’ll just get comfortable

and bide my time.

They will still be there

when I’m ready.

Lick, lick, lick.


So many footsteps.

Where do they lead?

Where are these people going?

Are their lives happy?

Are they walking alone

or in groups?

Why are they in such a hurry?

What can you see in a footstep?

Follow a set and find out.