Sky Explosion (by drxgonfly)



Reflections from above

surround me like a glove.

Hues of purple and pink

make me ponder and think.

I lift my face high

to the starry sky.

What is the reason I am here?

Why do I live my life in fear?

Questions in my mind

seek what I can’t find.

A shooting star streaks by.

“Is this my answer?” I sigh.

A bird perches near my arm.

I jump in fear and alarm.

Its black eyes stare back at me

and with a wink, it flies free.

I am alone with the night

with the moon at its full height.

My fear falls away like a cloak.

I begin to cry with a choke.

The bird has shown me a place

where I can reveal my face.




What does it feel like to fly,
Lifting off to reach the sky?
Soaring to a new height.
A bird’s exclusive right.

All alone and way up high,
Nary a cloud in the sky.
Take me along with you please.
What can I do to appease?

I want to fly over the land
To the tune of a marching band.
Over the water, I go.
It would make a great show.


Source: greenandflex

Sleep my pretty bird.

I won’t say a word.

Just rest your weary eyes.

Then we say our goodbyes.

Soon you will fly away to heights

As you drift through the days and nights.

Your new badge of freedom

You’ll wear in your kingdom.

But always remember me

As the one who set you free.




I want to be free.

I need to be free.

To fly far away.

Above all else.

To soar high above.

To peer down. 

Through the mighty clouds.

Upon all else.

My wings are spreading.

My head held high.

Feathers to the wind.

Face to the sun.

Goodbye to all.

Goodbye to the mundane.

Goodbye to the everyday.

Goodbye to all else.