Anguish is my sole friend.

Tentacles wrap me close

with its wiry arms of despair.

The day holds no easement for my pain.

The sun shines too bright from its tall pedestal.

The night brings forth the proud moon

that rides the sky with its chariot of horses.

Its glow lights the hearts of the forgotten.

Its reflection soothes the troubled soul.

One more minute before I join the others.

The ones who search for the white reflection

in the cold depths below.


The mind’s eye.

What can you see in a person’s eyes?

Can you see a glimpse of their emotions?

Maybe a little sadness with

a drop of anger thrown in.

What about happiness

and a sparkle of laughter?

Eyes are portals to our souls.

They accurately reveal

who we are.

We can hide in our words

and facial expressions,

but we can’t hide our eyes.

Liars are said to look to the left

as they recount their false tales.

So the next time you’re speaking

with someone,

check their eyes.

See if their eyes

match their words.

I bet they won’t.