The road above or below?

I can take the straight and narrow.

Follow where others have already gone.

I can walk a different pathway.

Far from the beaten path.

Where danger might be lurking.

Darkness might reign free.

I’m ready.

Let’s go!



Take the journey.
Into the dark tunnel.
See where it may lead.
Into the darkness you go.

With shoulders back.
Eyes forward.
The darkness will take your hand.
And you will follow.

Screams might torment you.
Traps might ensnare you.
But on you go.
To your destination.

With an end in sight.
Hold on tight for the ride.
For it is a journey we must all take.
The journey of life.




The world is in motion.

Nothing stays still for long.

Life is in a constant

flux of change,

for better,

or for worse.

We can’t stop it.

We can’t slow it down.

We must ride with it.

And see where it takes us.

Each one of us has our

own journey to follow.

Where it will lead,

no one can tell us.

It has a beginning and an end.

But the middle is the unknown entity.

Something we must create

for ourselves.

Might as well enjoy the ride

for as long as it lasts.


The road to nowhere

or anywhere.

Your choice.

Where to go?

North or south?

East or west?

Home or far away?

Take a chance.

Pick a direction

and just drive.

Drive for hours.

Stop only to eat and sleep.

Where will you end up?

Your heart will lead you,

guide you to the end.

Then stop.

Look around.

Is there where you want to be?

Is this what you’ve been searching for?

If yes, then stay.

If not, go home.

Are you one

for chances?

Go find out.


The evil within.

We all have that voice inside.

The voice enticing us to be bad.

Offering suggestions of revenge.

Immoral ways to succeed.

It never sleeps.

It appears in our

dreams and nightmares.

Forever ready to lead us

down dark pathways.

Always on the hunt for

new followers.

We don’t have to feed it.

Let it starve.