Stand strong for me.

Your petals closed tight.

Face to the sun.

Hope in your heart.

Release your sweetness.

The perfect fragrance.

Let the dew quench your thirst.

The rain wash your tears.

Stand strong for me.



In a world of noise
Where no one is heard,
We could use some silence.
A bit of quiet.

Take a step back
And be quiet.
Watch for the response.
See the surprise.

For silence can convey
What words cannot.
A feeling or a thought
To be lost in words.

Don’t be afraid
To make your stand.
To be different.
Refusing to mouth inanities.

Be a breath of fresh air
In the violent storm.
Standing strong and silent
In the wake of it all.



A tree.
A symbol of hope.
Standing for freedom.
Withstanding the storms.
Arms raised to the sky.
Forever more.

Stand with me.
Give me courage.
To hold my head up high.
Solid as your roots.
Forever more.

Stay with me.
As time goes by.
Alone I stand.
No friends nearby.
Forever more.




The world is in motion.

Nothing stays still for long.

Life is in a constant

flux of change,

for better,

or for worse.

We can’t stop it.

We can’t slow it down.

We must ride with it.

And see where it takes us.

Each one of us has our

own journey to follow.

Where it will lead,

no one can tell us.

It has a beginning and an end.

But the middle is the unknown entity.

Something we must create

for ourselves.

Might as well enjoy the ride

for as long as it lasts.


The sun begins to set.

There are scurrying sounds

as the animals prepare for the night.

But the old elephant stands in his place.

He doesn’t need to move.

He has everything he needs

right in front of him.

He keeps a watchful eye

on the other animals.

But he stands in his place.



Fill in the pages.

Fill the pages with

words and stories.

The world does not

have to be dark.

It does not have to be dreary.

We do not have to be alone.

We need to fill our lives with

people and events.

Stories to tell our children.

Words to light our paths.

No hovering in the darkness,

waiting for our time to come to an end.

But we need to stand in the light

and enjoy life.

It is short and precious.

But it is our right to fill in the pages.