The road to nowhere

or anywhere.

Your choice.

Where to go?

North or south?

East or west?

Home or far away?

Take a chance.

Pick a direction

and just drive.

Drive for hours.

Stop only to eat and sleep.

Where will you end up?

Your heart will lead you,

guide you to the end.

Then stop.

Look around.

Is there where you want to be?

Is this what you’ve been searching for?

If yes, then stay.

If not, go home.

Are you one

for chances?

Go find out.

Ready For Old Man Winter?

Who Is Ready For Old Man Winter?

We have to put ourselves in the right state of mind. We have to be prepared. Think of the holidays and snow bells. And presents—lots of presents. Now I’m prepared.

Falling snow is pure and white. It covers the earth with a promise of a new beginning. We all like new beginnings.