Your blue light pierces my heart,

A glow like a work of art.

I lift my face to receive your kiss.

I knew it would be a hit or miss.

My glimmer pales and grows dim.

But I refuse to run after him.

No one can know my pain

of loving someone in vain.



Who is watching me from the water?

Someone is bobbing beneath the waves.

He’s coming closer to shore.

I see eyes.

Yellow eyes sparkling in the sunlight.

Green skin with yellow spots.

I must run.

Before it catches me.


A man is rising from the waves.

A man in a wet suit.

All is safe.


I’m shot.

He shot me.

With a spear gun.

Too late.

I’m falling down.

Is this only bad dream?

I hope so.


The evil within.

We all have that voice inside.

The voice enticing us to be bad.

Offering suggestions of revenge.

Immoral ways to succeed.

It never sleeps.

It appears in our

dreams and nightmares.

Forever ready to lead us

down dark pathways.

Always on the hunt for

new followers.

We don’t have to feed it.

Let it starve.