Open the door.<br /> The suspense of the unknown<br /> is running through your veins.<br /> You are eager to see what’s<br /> on the other side.<br /> But this door continues on and on.<br /> One door leads to another and another.<br /> When will this torment end?<br /> When will you find what’s hidden from you?<br /> The door at End House will keep you guessing.<br /> The Dead don’t want you to find answers so easily.<br /> They love their games.<br /> Come and play.<br /> THE DEAD GAME BY SUSANNE LEIST<br /><br />

Open the door.

If you dare.

The suspense of the unknown

is running through your veins.

You are eager to see what’s

on the other side.

One door leads to the next.

When will this torment end?

When will you find what’s hidden from you?

Room after revolving room.

The Dead don’t want you to find answers.

They love their games.

Come and play.



I’m standing in a thick darkness.
Where I am
I don’t know.
Maybe in a dream.
Or in a nightmare.
Ahead I see two scenes.
Two choices.

I can follow the sounds of the surf
and join the man swimming in the ocean.
An ocean filled with strong waves.
I can smell the salty air
and hear the pounding waves.
Or I can follow the path of flowers
and walk through the colorful archways.
The sweet smell entices me,
drawing me in.

What to do?
Is one choice better than the other?
The ocean can be exciting but also dangerous.
The path of flowers could be pretty but boring.
What should I do?
What would you do?

If I don’t wake up soon,
I will have to make a choice.
I close my eyes.
I open them.
I’m still here.
I’ll go with the safe choice,
since I’m a no risk person.
I’ll leave the adventure to someone else.

The flowers smell so sweet.
The sun shines above.
I can hear birds again.
Will I see my white bird?
Oh yes.
There it is.
Flying above me.
Did I make the right choice?

Oh, look.
I’m back home.
Where I started from.
I guess I made the correct choice.
The correct choice for me.


The road to nowhere

or anywhere.

Your choice.

Where to go?

North or south?

East or west?

Home or far away?

Take a chance.

Pick a direction

and just drive.

Drive for hours.

Stop only to eat and sleep.

Where will you end up?

Your heart will lead you,

guide you to the end.

Then stop.

Look around.

Is there where you want to be?

Is this what you’ve been searching for?

If yes, then stay.

If not, go home.

Are you one

for chances?

Go find out.