My Battered Heart

rose wilted
Source: dolcemania

My Battered Heart

The rose drifts to the ground,

Petals dry and wilting in the cold breeze.

A death resembling the demise of my heart

As an unraveling of feelings turns to dust.

A shoe grinds the rose petals to oblivion,

The preferred state of my battered heart.

The wind lifts the remnants of the flower

to circle around me with its dying breath.



Alley dark

She peeks through the curtain.

Of this I am certain,

she knows nothing of fear

as I draw myself near.

A smile is on her face

as I quicken my pace.

The window grows dark

but she left her mark.

I know which room she does live in.

It must be tidy as a pin.

Her dark eyes have beseeched me.

I know she will complete me.

I just have to summon the courage

before my heart goes back to storage.

We belong together as one.

I won’t stop until I have won.

I raise my hand to the door.

My tears are ready to pour.

I won’t step away.

I’ve come to here stay.



In my heart, I know he is there.
Waiting for me, I have no fear.

Lost him so many years ago.
Tears have finally stopped to flow.

One day I will see his dear face,
But I cannot keep up this pace.

Living day to day without his love.
His warmth had fit me like a glove.

I must accept the sad fact
That he’s never coming back.

He will not be alone anymore.
My parents have now walked through that door.

I can feel him circling from above,
Reassuring me when I need love.



Stand strong for me.

Your petals closed tight.

Face to the sun.

Hope in your heart.

Release your sweetness.

The perfect fragrance.

Let the dew quench your thirst.

The rain wash your tears.

Stand strong for me.




The day is dying.

My heart is lying.

Do I care

if you’re here?

You can step inside.

I’ve nothing to hide.

The shades are shut.

Come to my hut.

I hide at day.

Nighttimes I play.

I search the seashore

for victims & more.

Come & step inside.

I’ve nothing to hide.






Love in unusual places.

Friends having different faces.

A species apart.

Right from my cold heart.

We’ll be warm in the snow.

I should just let you know.

I love your green eyes.

I hate long goodbyes.

Stay here with me tonight.

I’ll keep you close and tight.

Is that a meow you say?

I saved a spot in the hay.




My tears fall like weeping petals,

dripping down their long stem.

No hope is left in my heart

for us to be together again.

Raindrops cannot bring back this rose

nor my tears a love gone bad.

I lay my head down in sorrow

beside the wilted petals of despair.