The landscape is cold and bleak.

I’m beginning to feel weak.

Ice is melting in my shoes.

I’m getting the winter blues.

I can’t find my way out of here.

I had thought the town was so near.

I’ve been walking for days.

I’m in some kind of daze.

There’s a break in the rocks ahead.

I hope they didn’t leave me for dead.

My friends have to come back for me.

Rocks and trees are all I can see.

My friends are in the park playing ball.

I didn’t have to be afraid at all.



Why me?
I go swimming every week
So my legs won’t feel tired or weak.
Don’t know why my legs have to swell.
A disease created in hell.

Why me?
A bigger nuisance there can’t be.
It makes life much harder for me.
Humidity is my enemy
As I cry out, “Stay away from me.”

Why me?
I want to begin a day feeling well.
That’s why I have this story to tell.
Life has these hurdles we must overcome.
Most of them aren’t any kind of fun. 

Why me?
This question has no answer for me.
It is just the way things have to be.
My father suffered from this in quiet.
I will follow his lead and not riot.


Would you walk alone in

a cemetery at night?

With the mist swaying

and the wind moaning.

Shadows appearing before you

and then behind you.

Are they leading you somewhere or

following in your hesitant footsteps?

A statue looms in the distance.

A very tall statue.

Taller than any of the

gravestones or mausoleums.

Now the statue is moving,

coming closer to me.

Time to run!

Walking in a graveyard at night

didn’t turn out to be such a good idea.


It scratched me!


So many footsteps.

Where do they lead?

Where are these people going?

Are their lives happy?

Are they walking alone

or in groups?

Why are they in such a hurry?

What can you see in a footstep?

Follow a set and find out.