Olga Akasi aka Ольга Акаси (Ukrainian, b. 1970, Kiev, Ukraine) – Found By Nobody  Paintings: Oil on Canvas



I cry in the morning.

I cry into the night.

Tears to fill an ocean.

I won’t forget the fight.

I will wait each day.

Bow my head and pray.

I know you’ll return to me.

I will never let you free.





From inside my dark room,

I watch the clouds drift by.

Puffy, white cotton balls

dotting the blue sky.

Dare I leave my safe haven

and venture outside?

I’ll wait until tomorrow

as they float on by.



cold wave

The ocean roars its fury.

Arms lift in supplication.

Waves bend sharp rocks.

No boats dare the swells.

Birds flee.

The sun hides.

Mist fills the air.

We wait.

Will we be worthy?

Is mankind ever worthy?

Will the waters recede for us?

The answer lies in the ocean’s depths of despair.

We bow our heads and pray.


Linda heartache

Heartache is for me.
My heart yearns for thee.

Lies fall so easily from your lips.
They feel salty on my fingertips.

I must remain strong.
I hope I am wrong.

I need proof to trust you once more.
My heart is breaking at its core.

The salty mist soothes me.
The wind caresses me.

But I feel cold deep inside.
I need a safe place to hide.