where is everyone? by travisanderson



What might the future hold?

Buildings of concrete and stone.

Travel by flying cars.

Trees of green foam.

Sunlight only a reflection.

Lighted sabers for protection.

A future hard to bear,

A future all too near.




Open the window.

Let the fresh air inside.

Look out at the bright lights.

The people hurrying on the streets.

The tall buildings.

Are people asleep behind the dark windows?

Are there parties being thrown behind the lit ones?

So much activity.

So much to see.

What is that?

A shooting star.

A sure sign that we are never alone.


What is my nightmare?

I’m in an office building,

somewhere in New York City.

I hear explosions.

I look out the window.

Planes are dropping bombs.

Buildings are bursting into flames.

People are screaming around me.

I run down the stairs,

caught in a mass of people,

all intent on escaping.

To where, we don’t know.

I run down the streets.

Bombs keep falling.

I see a bridge in the distance.

Then it’s gone.

It exploded.

All that’s left are flames.

What is happening?

Are we under attack?

I close my eyes.

I open them again.

I can see my room.

Thank god it was only a nightmare.

I swear I could still smell the smoke.

A strange holiday nightmare.



The view from above.

People appear small,

tiny specks in the universe.

Cars are in constant motion.

Everyone is in a hurry,

going around in endless circles.

Going to work, and later

going back home.

Taking elevators up

and then down again.

What’s the hurry?

We all live the same lives.

We live and then we die.

Does it matter where we had

hurried around in between?

All that matters are

who we leave behind.

For these are the only

ones who will remember

that we had been here.

And why we had been here.


celestiol:</p> <p>Rio de Janeiro | by Slobodan Zecevic</p> <p>Take a ride in the evening sky.<br /> Above the buildings and cars, where<br /> all begins to look smaller and smaller.<br /> Soar high above the people and noise,<br /> and listen to the quiet.<br /> And take time to take a deep breath and think.


Rio de Janeiro | by Slobodan Zecevic

Take a ride in the evening sky.

Above the buildings and cars, where

all begins to look smaller and smaller.

Soar high above the people and noise,

listen to the quiet.

And take time to take a deep breath and think.