And deeper.

Into the abyss.

No lights.

No sounds.

Only strange creatures.

Reaching for me.

Mouths wide open.

In silent cries.

For help?

Or for death.

Can’t grab onto the walls.

Too slippery.

No one to help me.

Hell is getting closer.

Is there an end?

Is there a bottom?

Will I be falling forever?

Down, down…





Follow me to the clearing.

Where the trees part in fear.

For The Dead come to play.

And the La Santa Muerte

comes to rule.

She will rule with an iron hand,

and reward her followers.

Come and bring your sacrifices.

And your wishes will come true.

You will reap her rewards of

revenge and murder.

For the female Grim Reaper

is all-powerful,


The taste of blood

can be so sweet.

Come and join us.







A nose.

A mouth.

Two eyes.

A face.

What does it add up to?

Does it reveal the person inside?

Can you feel his heart?

Enjoy his humor?

Feel his pain?

See the world

through his eyes?

A person is not

the sum of his parts.

His parts add up to

much, much more.



Night Walk – {by Tiina Törmänen} | {Official WebSite}

A walk alone in the dark.

Feel the cold.

Smell the trees.

Hear the snow falling.

Watch the stars sparkle.

Engage all your senses.

No interference.

No voices.

No noises.

Only clean, fresh air.

And you.



Winter Beauty

Excerpt from THE DEAD GAME

Chapter 22

Their car neared the house. A stunning sight unfolded before their eyes. Encased in a tight circle of trees, shimmering from the lights strung through their heavy branches, the glass house sparkled against the dark night sky: a huge glass ball shooting green sparks of light from within its rounded walls. Its great dome twinkled as radiantly as the multitude of stars shining down from above.

      Todd left the car with the valet and led the way up the marble stairs to the rounded front door. Two armed men, dressed in tuxedos, guarded the door, their holstered guns only slightly marring the fantasy image running through Linda’s vivid imagination: for as soon as she turned away to admire the scenery, she was once again in fantasyland.

     The panorama facing her was doused in white. Gleaming white snow caps covered the tops of the tall trees and the great dome of the house. Snow was falling on them from somewhere. She could feel snowflakes melting on her lips. They felt wet, like real snowflakes. She touched her face and hair. Her hand came away wet. She had snow on her fingertips. She searched the grounds for a snow machine, but couldn’t locate anything—not on the glass domed roof or in any of the trees. She couldn’t believe that genuine snow was falling on them from the dark sky. The landscape resembled a winter wonderland despite it being fall in Florida.

     Todd placed his hand against her back to escort her into the house. The others followed them into the glowing green ball that was alive with dazzling lights, music, and laughter.

     Once inside, Linda was mesmerized by the glittering glass walls that mirrored the dancing images of the guests twirling around the marble dance floor. These images were cast in bright halos of light reflected from the myriad of crystal chandeliers hanging throughout the room.

     Soft candlelight from mounted crystal sconces flickered across the intricate patterns carved into the green walls. It was the most beautiful and fascinating house that she had ever seen. She glanced back and watched Shana’s mouth drop open. She was certain that Shana would agree that the house appeared simply magical.

     Couples were swirling around the immense dance floor. They were dancing in a large studio between Diane’s life-sized statues. Each sculpture was carved from clear glass: each one revealing a full-sized person. Linda found them to be too lifelike. She stood next to one and stared into it frozen face. She was startled by a fleeting expression of horror that seemed to cross over its features; as if a real person was trapped inside, staring out at her from within his glass tomb. Then the look was gone and the statue appeared lifeless once again.





The evil within.

We all have that voice inside.

The voice enticing us to be bad.

Offering suggestions of revenge.

Immoral ways to succeed.

It never sleeps.

It appears in our

dreams and nightmares.

Forever ready to lead us

down dark pathways.

Always on the hunt for

new followers.

We don’t have to feed it.

Let it starve.



A noise upstairs.

The children are asleep.

My heart begins to pound.

Is there a weapon I could use?

Would a weapon even help me?

No time to stop and think.

No time to call the police.

I must run upstairs.

Get there before it’s too late.

I race to the stairs,

with my husband fast at my heels.

A second it all it takes.

All it takes to save a life.

Or lose one.

We must get there in time.

The creatures are here for us.

They will wait for no one.