The storm approaches the shore.

A spray of water hits my face.

The salty breeze lifts tendrils of hair.

Palm trees sway and bend.

The sand ripples

from the increasing wind.

Birds flee for safety.

Waves crash against the rocks.

The sky darkens to red in its anger,

raining tears across the land and sea.

When will it end?

Once the sky calms,

the sun will shine.

The birds will return.

The tantrum will be over.


takingoffmyhood: stairs


I slip on the steps

and catch hold of the rickety banister.

A single light bulb swings on its chain,

revealing a dark basement ahead.

The door slams shut behind us.

I run to it.

It’s locked.

We move as one.

The floor fills with water.

I’m submerged to my knees.

The walls rattle.

Cages descend on ropes.

As they sway near us,

sharp stakes extend

from the bottom edges.

Circular saws follow them,

swirling between the empty cages.

THE DEAD GAME has begun.






carousel 1


Round and round we must go.
Our fantasies take us higher.
Will we meet friend or foe?
Take the ride and face the fire.

THE DEAD GAME♦  by Susanne Leist



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Prey for The Dead new cover


My book cover made it to the top 100 covers of the All Author Cover of the Month Contest.

Please vote in the second round at

The skies are blue & clear again.

The Dead are here again.



Costume designed by Eiko Ishioka (1938~2012)

Come to me, my pretty.
I’m waiting with open arms.
Grab hold of my gown.
I will take you on an adventure.
The bats will be your guide.
Don’t worry.
No one will harm you.
Unless I say so.
Would you follow her?
What else comes to mind
when you see such a gown?