The story behind THE CLUB at Disney World in Prey for The Dead

A small town on the coast of Florida offers tourists white-sanded beaches, blue skies, and an opportunity to vacation with the elite of society. Too bad the rich and famous include creatures of the night. How did this happen, you might ask?

While vampires inhabit every country in the world, they blend peacefully with humanity. In Oasis, Florida, the human inhabitants have no idea vampires or hybrids, which are a part vampire/ part human mix, live in their midst. 

In recent years, the world’s vamp population has been threatened by a rogue group of vampires with bloodlust running through their veins. THE DEAD have infiltrated the vamps of Oasis and wrestle for control. They want to rule the world.

Linda, her best friend, Shana, and their group of young friends learn of THE DEAD. They join forces with the vampires and hybrids of Oasis. They travel undercover to an exclusive club in Disney World with the two hybrids, Todd and Sam, to locate THE DEAD’s base of operations. 

Why did I choose THE CLUB at Disney World for the vampires’ base? Is there such a club in Disney where its members are the elite of society?

Yes. There is. It’s called CLUB 33. Walt Disney created the club in Disneyland in the New Orleans section. It sits behind a door with the number 33. A door that resembles all other doors on the quaint streets. If you are lucky enough to be invited by a member, you will walk through the doorway to an elegant entranceway. The hosts will greet you and take you to one of the parlors, where you may peruse the showcases of Walt Disney’s favorite things. Maybe Mary Poppins’ umbrella or a speaking parrot sitting above a clock. The adventure continues in the dining room, where toots of steamboats provide the aura of being in New Orleans. 

You can climb the staircase or use the old elevator.

Visit the showcases of Disney memorabilia. 

Disney 33

Once I read of CLUB 33, a club that is forbidden to me, I became obsessed with knowing more. The more I learned, the more I wanted to give it to my vampires. I used the images in my mind of CLUB 33 in Disneyland to create THE CLUB in Disney World. And wait until you see what they do to THE CLUB. You will never look at Disney World the same way again.

And guess what? I read CLUB 33 opened in Disney World. Too bad. I had my club first or what’s left of it.


In the quaint section of Disney World,

paved with cobblestones & dreams,

The Club waits for you.

Open the door to a new world,

where the living mingles with the undead.



The Dead control Florida.
They rule Disney World.
Who can fight them
& hope to win?

by Susanne Leist

Prey for The Dead: Book Two of The Dead Game Series


1 Prey for the dead Mine


Linda Bennett’s bookstore entices tourists and residents with the aroma of brewed coffee and fresh pastries. Life has been peaceful in Oasis, Florida, where the beaches offer white sand, and the ocean sparkles in shades of blue and grey. Linda has made new friends and settled into the slow lifestyle of the quaint town. Then one morning, the lights go out; an explosion rocks her shop and throws the town back in time.

The Dead vampires have returned to free a powerful family of vampires from the tunnels beneath the town. To defeat the evil vampires, Linda and her friends must join forces with the human vampires–known as hybrids–and the peaceful vampires of Oasis. Linda and her best friend, Shana Logan, pose as members at an exclusive club in Disney World rumored to be The Dead’s new lair. With the hybrids–Todd Morrison and Sheriff Sam–as their respective husbands, Linda and Shana uncover more than they intended at The Club. Leaving a trail of dead bodies behind them, they return to Oasis with more questions than answers.

Can Linda choose between Gregg Harris and Todd–the two hybrids who compete for her heart and are at war on opposing sides?

Will Shana and Sam grow closer or become bitter enemies?

Can Oasis survive the battle between good and evil?

Prey for The Dead


Prey for The Dead middle large.JPG





Has he returned for me?

Is he a hybrid or a vampire?

Will I recognize him?



finished book cover


Book Two of The Dead Game Series

will be released on Thursday.

I’ll now announce it’s title:

PREY FOR THE DEAD by Susanne Leist

Vampires in Disney World?

They just need a special shot for protection

from the sunlight.

Hybrids, day-walkers & more.