The air feels heavy.
Laden with moisture.
Clouds roll in.
The sky grows darker.
Then you hear the first drops.
The water pounding on the roof
in a staccato melody of its own.
Pound, pound, pound.
Tap, tap, tap.
The rain washes our streets
and clears our minds.
Preparing us for a new day.


Let’s scale the heights.

Careful of the crevices.

The deep valleys.

The empty holes.

Climb the next ridge.

Enter through an opening.

Small as a fly.

Hear the blood pound.

The synapses sizzle and pop.

Journey through the darkness.

Through the unknown.

Exhilarating as an electric storm.

Colorful as a fireworks display.

A ride through space and time.


The sky turns from blue to black.

The waves rise up and bow

to the forces of nature.

Boats head to shore.

All in a hurry.

In a hurry to out race the storm.

The waves pound a furious beat.

Raindrops join in the chorus.

Thunder accompanies with its dark sound.

Pound, pound, pound.

Could we survive nature’s wrath?

Only time will tell.