Drop your defenses.
Relax your mind and body.
Can you see the garden?
The steps leading up the path?
Climb the steps.
Feel the summer breeze.
Hear the happy chirping of the birds.
Smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers.
Move slowly.
Follow the mood.
The serene scenery.
Climb step by step.
The steps will soon lead you
to a green paradise.
Where hummingbirds flutter past.
Super tall flowers reach high to the sky.
Rabbits scurry between the berry bushes.
How perfect.
How peaceful.
A perfect paradise
for a summer day.

2 thoughts on “A PERFECT PARADISE

  1. natasha March 2, 2015 / 12:59 am

    Yes if one can imagine one can be at peace in any chaos


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