A bud so sweet,

Enticing treat.

It throws off heat,

Dance to its beat.


Its scent draws me near,

Still not feeling fear.

It soon becomes clear,

I shouldn’t be here.


The buzzing becomes loud,

Near my face big and round.

I quickly hit the ground,

Hoping I won’t be found.


The birds are chirping,

And I’m not hurting.

The sun is shining,

My bud is smiling.




I walk in a field of Bluebonnets.

I thought to compose for them sonnets.

The sweet fragrance fills my soul

until I am again whole.

I feel tired as I smile

like I’ve walked a full mile.

I will make my bed

and lay down my head.

My thoughts drift so slow and low,

somewhere over the rainbow…




The view fills my mind,

Soothes my soul,

Brings me inner peace.

The sweet aroma of flowers

Tingles my nose,

Draws me closer.

The sea air brushes my face,

Salts my skin,

Leaves cold footprints.

I’m running,

Eyes wide open,

Face to the sun.

I’m here

In the paradise

Of my imagination.




The blue sucks me in.

Velvet petals caress my face.

A buzzing bee whizzes past.

I’m inside the midnight blue darkness.

My head spins from its heady fragrance.

Lines of poetry beg to be written.

Will I yield to the blue darkness?

It’s a trap I cannot escape.