The pretty house in the woods.

Covered in vines and leaves.

Windows peek out at the sun.

Who might there be behind the glass panes?

Inhabitants or residents of the past?

The only way to find out is

To knock on the door.

Oh look, the door is standing open.

Let’s walk in and see if it’s deserted.

How pretty it is inside with fancy rugs and chandeliers.

Couches and settees arranged to welcome the weary.

Hello, does anyone live here?

Oh, I didn’t see the two of you.

A husband and wife team.

Looks like they stepped out of the 1800′s.

Beautiful gown and nice overalls.

They want us to follow them upstairs.

I don’t want to go but I suppose we are.

The house is much larger inside than out.

A trick of light or another illusion.

Oh look, empty children’s bedrooms.

Set up like shrines with toys and clothes.

I see we’re coming to an attic.

Empty except for the rocking chair facing a window.

In the midst of the quiet a squeaking sound begins.

Back and forth, back and forth.

The chair rocks back and forth.

Who is making it rock?

What? They say one of their own is watching.

Sitting in the rocking chair and watching over town.

He’s invisible because why?

He’s a vampire.

This is taking a turn to the ridiculous. 

I’m outta here. Bye all!

Squeak, Squeak, Squeak.



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