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(2) ebook copies of PREY FOR THE DEAD – PTL Perrin & Rhani D’ Chae


The story behind THE CLUB (based on Disney’s CLUB 33) in Disney World

A small town on the coast of Florida offers tourists white-sanded beaches, blue skies, and an opportunity to vacation with the elite of society. Too bad the rich and famous include creatures of the night. How did this happen, you might ask?

While vampires inhabit every country in the world, they blend peacefully with humanity. In Oasis, Florida, the human inhabitants have no idea vampires or hybrids, which are a part vampire/ part human mix, live in their midst. 

In recent years, the world’s vamp population has been threatened by a rogue group of vampires with bloodlust running through their veins. THE DEAD have infiltrated the vamps of Oasis and wrestle for control. They want to rule the world.

Linda, her best friend, Shana, and their group of young friends learn of THE DEAD. They join forces with the vampires and hybrids of Oasis. They travel undercover to an exclusive club in Disney World with the two hybrids, Todd and Sam, to locate THE DEAD’s base of operations. 

Why did I choose THE CLUB at Disney World for the vampires’ base? Is there such a club in Disney where its members are the elite of society?

Yes. There is. It’s called CLUB 33. Walt Disney created the club in Disneyland in the New Orleans’ section. It sits behind a door with the number 33. A door that resembles all other doors on the quaint streets. If you are lucky enough to be invited by a member, you will walk through the doorway to an elegant entranceway. The hosts will greet you and take you to one of the parlors, where you may peruse the showcases of Walt Disney’s favorite things. Maybe Mary Poppins’ umbrella or a speaking parrot sitting above a clock. The adventure continues in the dining room, where toots of steamboats provide the aura of being in New Orleans. 

disney club staircase


You can climb the staircase or use the old elevator.


Disney 33


Visit the showcases of Disney memorabilia. 


Once I read of CLUB 33, a club that is forbidden to me, I became obsessed with knowing more. The more I learned, the more I wanted to give it to my vampires. I used the images in my mind of CLUB 33 in Disneyland to create THE CLUB in Disney World. And wait until you see what they do to THE CLUB. You will never look at Disney World the same way again.

And guess what? I read this year CLUB 33 will open in Disney World. Too bad. I had my club first or what’s left of it.


1 Prey Take the plunge


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Midnight Thrills, Midnight Chills



This is the link to the B2B CONVENTION Website:  http://b2bcycon.com

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You will meet authors of all genres at the B2BCYCON, but here we focus on the scary and the bloody that authors of horrors and thrillers enjoy dabbling their fingers in.


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My book, The Dead Game, falls into this creepy category. With vampires, human vampires, and plenty of gore, it will take you to the dark side.

Be sure and visit my virtual booth at the B2B CONVENTION ON GOODREADS. I will be awarding books for playing my games. And if you’ve read The Dead Game, you already know that The Dead love their fun and games–preferably at night.



Come One, Come All to the Greatest Book on Earth!

The games will be dark.

They will be scary.

For The Dead take no hostages.

Stand back.

Eyes wide open.

And enjoy!


1 book COME ONE


Enter this link for a peek into book two coming this summer:







1- Describe your main character in one or two sentences.


Linda wants a peaceful life for herself and her friends. She wants happiness above all else and sometimes tries too hard to achieve it.


2- Which one word would you use to describe your antagonist? Now, which word would your antagonist use to describe him or herself?


Todd is decisive. He would call himself a leader. He is a born leader.


3- What’s the worst thing your main character has done?


Linda agrees to go along with Shana’s plan of confronting Wolf in his home without backup.


4- What is the most prized possession of your antagonist? And why?


Linda loves her books. They allow her to escape from reality.


5- What is the one part of your book that you, as the author, like best?


I like all of it since I wrote it. If I were to pick one scene, it would be the party in the glass house. As snow falls outside, the guests dance around the lifelike ice sculptures of people.


After the questions, you will do a one paragraph reading of a beginning of a chapter (any chapter, author’s choice). Remember no graphic sex or violence.


The next morning, Louise arrived early at her store. As soon as she stepped through the doorway, she sensed that something was wrong: the air was frigid, and the lights wouldn’t turn on. From the corner of her eye, she noticed a shadow pass by her. She was terrified that the creeping shadows were now stalking her inside and in the daylight.


Turning to leave the store, she grabbed the door handle but found that it wouldn’t budge in either direction. Staring through the door’s plate glass window, she saw that the town was deserted. All the other stores along Main Street were still closed, except for the sheriff’s office, which was too far away to be of any help. She was all alone with no one around to save her. If she cried out for help, no one could hear her. She felt panic beginning to overwhelm her.


She couldn’t breathe; it felt like all the oxygen in the room had been sucked out. Panicking, she gasped for air, but there didn’t seem to be any left in the locked store.



Join our tour through the websites and blogs of horrors and thrillers. Follow the chain that will bring you chills and thrills from leading authors of the occult, paranormal, and horror.

The villain from The Dead Game, Charles Wolf, teases and charms Linda Bennett. Will she allow herself to fall for a vampire, or will she choose a human-vampire? 



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Three brief interviews with three different villains: a genetically-altered serial killer, a centuries-old, supreme luddite of a mage, and a cyborg/arms dealer.


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Author Rebekah Jonesy on Heart Strong

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Author Aziza Sphinx from on Aziza Sphinx Into the Dark

My name is Emiliano Ortega. I didn’t ask to be a paw in Truth’s game yet here I am playing the Reaper when all I want to do is sleep.


Author Anastasia Poirier on Anastasia Poirier Author and Editor

My main antagonist is Ecrin. Her villainous path is a bit ambiguous. She’s good and she’s bad…but the why remains to be revealed. Mostly, she’s misunderstood and she’s acting out of desperation. I modeled her appearance after Tilda Swinton’s character in The Only Lovers Left Alive.


Author Tiffany Apan on My Haven on this Desolate Terrain

A 19th century Romanian aristocrat who takes pleasure in seeing those beneath him suffer…



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The Use Of The Shadow In Creative Writing

The Shadow Knows

Head to Head, Heart to Heart

I’ve been mulling over this lately, as I’m getting stuck back into my second novel about a dark, embittered woman with a past, and I’ve had to make her distinctly unlikeable from the very start. This changes as the story progresses, as unfolding events compel her to develop as a person, but initially I was forced to come up with some unpleasant opinions, inner thoughts, behaviours and driving forces for my main character, which of course went against my own very sweet nature ;>). So this is where using my shadow side came in handy. She hasn’t quite ‘turned’ yet, so I have a little bit more fun to come.

I’d previously read a very useful article in Myslexia magazine, on writing villains in crime fiction, by psychological crime writer, Laura Wilson. This related to my main character somewhat, so I took note of the fact, as Laura pointed out…

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冬の宝石/winter jewel

T Ibara Photo

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Who could they trust? Could their friends, Ryan, Judy, and Gregg, be part of The Dead? Was there no one left to trust in Oasis?

As Sam drove down the hill, he explained their new predicament. “We still have many lingering doubts about Judy, Ryan, and Gregg. They disappeared both times there was trouble: first at End House and then at Wolf’s house. They didn’t even bother to attend Diane’s party, which is mandatory for all human vampires. And today, they just calmly watched through the window as Todd fought for his life, without stepping in to help.”
“So, it’s not over—just when I thought that life was going back to normal,” David said.
“I’m driving over to the hotel to check for them while Todd and Linda search through their rooms,” Sam said.
“I don’t think that we should separate. If they’re part of The Dead, then they’re much stronger than all of us put together,” Shana said.
“Okay, we’ll follow their car to the apartment,” Sam said.
They pulled up behind Todd’s car, which was already parked in front of his apartment. They watched as Todd ran out, clutching a master key.
The four of them followed Todd and Linda into Ryan’s
apartment. It was empty of any furnishings or belongings. The window shades were closed, blocking any light from filtering through. There wasn’t even a bed in the apartment, Shana realized, just pitch-black, empty rooms.
“Do vampires own any furniture? Do they even sleep in beds?” Shana asked while looking around the unfurnished apartment.
“We’re human vampires. We need furniture and beds—just like you do. We also require food, since we don’t drink blood,” Sam said, searching through the empty refrigerator and the bare kitchen cabinets.