“Come to me,” the house whispers.
A whisper on the cold wind.
A streak of lightning.
A rumble of thunder.
What else has the house in store for us?
Strange lights in the windows.
The lights becomes dancing figures.
What goes on at night at End House?
Dare we find out?




End House holds secrets.

It holds living beings in its walls.

Creatures dying to get out.

Screaming without sound.

Pushing their arms and legs

through the walls,

hoping to escape.

But there’s no escape.

The guests of the party will

soon discover the sad truth.

No one leaves the house

without resulting consequences.

And some may not leave at all.

Who will live?

Who will die?

Only The Dead know.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist






A house in a run-down area.

I’m on the outside looking in.

No lights.

No signs of life.

Noises emanate from other houses in the area.

But this house is quiet.

A note has been left for me.

From someone trapped inside.

My friends are too afraid to join me.

I go alone.

I enter the house.

The rooms are empty shells.

I open the basement door.

A rotting smell greets me from below.

I’m not going in. 

I’m out of here.

I’m pushed from behind.

Down the steps I fall

to the hard basement floor.

I look up.

A light filters in from the open door.

Then the door slams shut.

I’m left in the dark.

I try to stand up.

My arms touches something soft.

A shaft of light from a high window

highlights a man’s trousered leg.

A body lies before me.

One that isn’t moving or breathing.

Something is wrong. 

He has no head.

Shadows rise up from the ground.

I run to the stairs.

A hand catches my foot,

pulling me back into the darkness.

I scream.

The shadows lurch at me.

I reach out and my fingers find a crow bar.

I throw it at a tall shadow.

It goes down and cries,

“Stop, please stop.”

The light turns on. 

I look around.

I’m looking at a room full of zombies. 

The one I hit is sitting on the floor,

holding his head.

One zombie walks toward me.

He takes off his mask.

A boy from school was facing me.

“What’s going on?” I ask him.

“It is supposed to be a fun prank. 

No one is supposed to get hurt. 

It’s Halloween.”

“The prank is on me?” 

“Yes, I’m sorry. 

No one else was brave enough to join you.

But if you agree to be my date to the Halloween dance, 

then it wouldn’t have been for nothing.”

“You’re kidding.” I say.

“No, I’m serious. 

We’d be great together.”

He looks at me with his big blue eyes and I’m lost.

“I don’t even know your name.”

“My name is Brian and you’re Annie.”

“Hi Brian. I guess it’s a date.”

Why does the most popular boy in school want me?

Is there more to this prank that I don’t know about?


What lies hidden beneath End House?
Familiar faces and bony countenances.
A cacophony of moans and sounds.

A community of creatures living in the tunnels.
Friends who might be returning to the living,
Or the living who might be joining The Dead.

David grabs hold of Tom’s hand,
One of his long lost friends.
Tom stands stiff and tall, not responding.

Howard shuffles forward.
Howard had been the daring one,
The one who had saved Tom from the dark pool.

The town looks like Oasis,
With its beaches, stores, cafes, parks, and hotel.
In the distance, the forest looms dark and forbidding.

But where are the people?
The stores stand empty.
“There, they are!” Linda calls out.

A large group walks down Main Street.
No smiles crossing their deathly pale faces.
No emotions from these sad replicas of humanity.

Something is wrong.
No one is happy to see us.
“Let’s get out of here!” Linda yells.

The group before them lurches forward,
Arms extended like bare branches in the winter cold.
Her friends back up in fear.

“But they’re our friends!” Mike says,
“We can’t leave them here,”
His eyes pleading for help.

Linda drags him away from the red-eyed mob.
“Our friends are gone.
These aren’t are friends any longer.”

A man grabs hold of Louise’s long hair.
She lets loose a heart-wrenching cry,
Frightening the pale creature away.

Linda takes one last look at Oasis.
They look like members of our town,
But yet they don’t.

The door slams shut,
Separating them from the empty shells.
Linda follows her friends out of the dark.

Goodbye to Wolf and your demented band of followers.
I can’t believe that I had been tempted by you.
Thank god we escaped in time.




Linda runs out from the Town Hall 
To find sunshine beating down on the sand. 
Birds are once again flying overhead.
Happy cries filling the blue sky.

The sun resumes its regal position.
The winds retreat as one,
Dragging their tails between their legs.
The palm trees stop their mad dance
To bend softly in the sea breeze.

“Are we finally safe?
The Dead must still be here,
Somewhere close.
I can still feel them.
But they won’t win.
They can’t!” 

Her friends walk down the steps of the battered Town Hall,
Climbing over fallen bricks and dead creatures.
No more cries of flying creatures.
Only the sounds of leaves shuffling in the breeze.

Linda is proud of her town and her friends.
With the help of The Watchers, human vampires,
And Father John, victory will soon be theirs.
Tears stream down her face.

They are safe.
This is all that matters to her.
Worrying about the future could wait for tomorrow.
Today is a day for thankfulness.
All is well.
All are safe.
The church bells gong in the distance.
Tomorrow will be a new day.



“Hail is raining down from the sky!
Hell is reigning down from above!”
Linda races through the pummeled streets,
Dodging pieces of roof tops and garbage cans.

“How could this be happening?
The sun was out just minutes ago.
I smell fire.
My skin feels burning hot.”

Her feet slow to a stop.
Linda lifts her head to the black sky.
Flames are shooting out of the church.
Red hot flames with swirls of yellow and orange.

Cries of horror float in the air around her.
Shrieks and moans that are lifted in the rising winds.
She turns around in a circle,
Desperate to locate the source.

“It’s coming from the Town Hall!”
I knew it!
Everybody has to be there.
Please god let them be there.”

The cries rise in intensity
With each footstep.
The front doors are open.
Darkness beckons from within.

The sight inside knocks the breathe from her lungs.
Flying creatures are circling her friends.
Creatures with furry bodies and human faces.
One swoops down and lifts Shana up to the ceiling.

“The Dead are here.
What should I do?
Wait! Father John is chanting.
Will he be able to save us?”



merry go round

I open my eyes.

I find myself at a carnival.

A clown chases me into a tent.

Mirrors surround me.

My reflections stare back at me.

Is this real?

Or am I in a nightmare?

A nightmare of my own making?

I need to get back.

Back to End House.

The haunted house in the woods.

I’m in a dark room.

I can’t feel the walls.

The floor is wet.

A mirror is looming ahead.

I touch it.

My hand flows right through.

My body soon follows.

I’m in End House.

Or in a house resembling it.

Time to go down to the basement.

That’s where I was going.

Wasn’t I?

The basement is dark.

What happened to the light bulb?

The floor begins to turn.

I can’t get off.

Then I hear the laughter.

“I’m back.”



An Oasis


I may be living in an oasis,
Where the sun shines on a daily basis.
Florida has beautiful flowers and beaches,
But what it may be hiding are deadly leeches.
Dark shadows are following me right now.
I need to escape but I don’t know how.
I don’t want to end up like that dead woman.
I don’t even know if the shadows are human.





This is the real me.

Behind the mask.

I may seem bright and happy,

but underneath I’m deadly.

Deadly serious about

those who provoke me.

Keep your distance from me

and from all of THE DEAD.

For we do not make friends.

Only enemies.





Salby Damned by Ian D. Moore


Salby Damned by Ian D. Moore

Book Description

A small rural town in a ruthless fight between The Shale Gas Fracking Corporation and The Residents Association sees the multi billion pound energy company drilling beneath the town with catastrophic results. A freelance reporter teams up with a mysterious council leader in a fight to save humanity against one of science’s most fearsome and deadly creations. They must race to find a cure whilst battling against hordes of flesh eating zombies intent on one thing and one thing only………..KILLING!
A gripping tale of intrigue, thriller and suspense combined with bribery, corruption and money beyond imagination culminating in a twist to an end you won’t see coming. For anyone loving zombie horror stories but who needs a little bit more of a story than just how many ways to kill the undead, this is for you, the plots, twists, romances and storyline will keep you reading to find out what happens next as well as giving your mind a good work out, culminating in a final chapter that will leave you wanting more. There are graphic scenes of violence included in this book and some mildly explicit love scenes though mostly by implication rather than description so suitable for ages 12yrs and upwards.
This book should take you from your surroundings and place you behind the rifle scope or in the meeting rooms or even flying high over the country in a helicopter…………I hope, as the author, that it does just that.

About the Author Ian D. Moore

My first novel, created originally using a Samsung Galaxy S4 while at my full time work as a HGV driver for a televised haulage firm. Written primarily in my breaks or waiting to load and unload, the story was originally a request by my younger sister and posted to Facebook in realtime as I wrote. When it finally got to be too big, I decided to attempt to turn it into my first ever published book, this is the result. From the first words to completion and publishing has taken ten weeks and I have more stories planned for the future. In the past I have also written poems for people and events and find that the writing allows me to drift from this world to wherever I choose to create another. It has been a lot of fun, and a learning curve to write, based on people I have known throughout my life with some factual content although I am not medically qualified in any way. I did however, serve in the army for a short time though and have tried to write in the essence of that experience in the relevant scenes.I hope that you will find the book gripping, that it makes you shiver from time to time and that it takes you from wherever you may be reading into the world created on the pages but most of all, I hope that you enjoy it.