They tickle my toes.

They line up in rows.

Oh! What can they be?

A starfish or three?

The water has a pink shine.

Too many colors to rhyme.

Red for my long, long hair.

Orange fish who swim near.

Yellow for the rays of the sun.

Blue for the water that’s so fun.

I can stay here the whole day.

The seagulls have come to play.

The birds circle around me.

Yes! It’s the best place to be.


1 Faces to the sky


Faces to the sky.

Lift them way up high.

Smiles so bright and wide.

You’ve nothing to hide.

Yellow hair to the sun.

It’s time to have some fun.

Long, green leaves clap to the song.

This morning, nothing is wrong.

Deep roots rumble in the ground.

To a beat, you’ve lost and found.

A field of dancers shakes the earth.

I watch as I bubble with mirth.





1 The Tree

The tree spreads its limbs wide
to absorb the light of the sun.
Its leaves glow in the waning afternoon light.
Soon the sun will leave yellow trails
around the tree’s massive trunk
as it sets for the day.
The shadows grow longer.
The colors become dimmer.
The sun bows its head goodbye.
Looming shadows signal the next stage.
The glow of the moon takes centerstage.
The tree spreads its limbs wide
to absorb the light of the rising moon.



I want to walk through a meadow of flowers,

breathing in the sweet taunting fragrance.

I want to let my hair down to fly free

as the warm breeze tickles my hot skin.

I want to lie down on the soft yellow pillows,

my face to the sun looking down from above.

I want to be lost in the sea of flowers,

Where no one will ever find me again.



Rays of sunshine color my world.

In shades of yellow and green.

Palm trees wave in the breeze.

Cooling my face on this summer day.

I bathe my face in the cold water.

Water droplets let loose in the humid air.

Soon my body is floating on the water.

As it carries me downstream.

I don’t care if my clothes get wet.

I must follow my dream on this hot day.