A step into the unknown

My father used to tell me to take

a long walk on a short pier.

I thought he was trying to get rid of me.

I would walk away.


We weren’t close.

We never talked.

But maybe he was trying to share something with me.

His love of the sea.

He had been a Marine in World War II.

He could have been sharing with me in his awkward way.

His love of boats and the deep, blue sea.

Now when I look out at the ocean,

I think of him.

Presenting Steven Nedelton, Author of Thrillers and Suspense


Steve i

Steven Nedelton (aka Ned Stevens) is an Ohio Author of Thrillers and Suspense mixed with Paranormal, Mystery and Horror action. Thus, he favors a variety and his novels are in the Mystery, Paranormal and Spy sub-genres. His interest in writing dates back to his early teens when he wrote his first paranormal short story. Later on, he developed intense interest in action thrillers. His present novels are The Last Omen/Possessed—a Horror, Paranormal partly based on a true demonic encounter, Coma Sins/The Madness of Ben Bluman (a psychological action), The Raven Affair (action/mystery), A Suitcase Mystery/Part 1 and Nemesis/Part 2 (action novels), Dance of Shadows (classical spy thriller) and Fear! (historic WWII action tale). The Fear! novel earned him a five years recognition from the Midwest Book Review Journal in 2011. It takes place in the Balkans during the WWII.

The novels are available on Amazon.com (http://ow.ly/OIdVx) in paperback, Kindle and audio book formats. The Last Omen is his latest Suspense/Paranormal-Horror thriller. Most of his novels are rated four and five stars. The author’s website is at www.snedelton.com Presently, he is preparing for another thriller.

Thank you very much