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I need to clear the cobwebs,

clear the bad thoughts,

erase the worries.


Instead, I want to see a place

where birds chirp and play,

where mountains soar high.


I lift my face to the sun

to the beauty of life,

to the puffy white clouds.


Join me.




Full of worries and contradictions,

it blasts away any chance of peace.

Thoughts jumbled in cobwebs,

lining halls of utter despair.

Bells ring along curved walls,

warnings to take care.

One hole is filled

as another emerges.

A shovel can’t do the job,

won’t save me from my pride.

Sleep, be my savior,

refresh my state of mind.

Bring hope to this desert landscape,

full of worries and contradictions.

A Desert Landscape

Escape your mind
Source: fascination–infatuation

A Desert Landscape

My mind is a desert landscape,

full of worries and contradictions.

It blasts away any chance of peace,

keeping me awake seeking sleep.

Thoughts are jumbled in the cobwebs,

lining the halls of my utter despair.

Bells ring in these curved walls,

warnings for me to take care.

Once one hole is filled in,

another one soon emerges.

A shovel will not do the job

to keep me safe from my pride.

A better state of mind is needed

to repair the damage already done.

My mind is a desert landscape,

full of worries and contradictions.




My mind is foggy today.

I need to clear the cobwebs.

Throw out the excess garbage.

The bad thoughts.

The worries.

All to the wind.

And think of a pretty place.

Where the birds chirp and play.

Where the mountains soar high.

Where windows bring in the light.

I can lift my face to the sun.

To the beauty of life.

To the smell of grass.

To the puffy white clouds.

I’m there right now.

Come and join me.



Pier 60 | ( by Claude Allaert )


I want to enjoy the summer light.
It does shine on the water so bright.
Smell the salt water in the  air.
Let the sea breeze flow through my hair.
Happiness is a day at the beach.
It is what I so dearly beseech.
A day with no worries or fears.
No bad things to bring me to tears.


Life in a ball.
A tiny capsule of life.
Where we may fall.
And then rise again from strife.

Life can be short.
It can easily stop.
It may be sport
To some of us or not.

Take advantage of it.
Ride the choppy wave.
Live life to the fullest.
And be worthy of a save. 

The bouncing ball could be yours.
Take hold of the ride.
It departs on many tours.
Take care not to hide.


never give up

Never give up.

Keep your head up high,

little one.

Keep on fighting.

No matter how hard, or

how fruitless it may seem.

The road my be long and bumpy.

Full of pot holes and road blocks.

It is worth it.

It is always worth it.