A light shines through the window.

What was dark is now light.

The spotlight hits its mark.

My dark form shivering on the bed.

Whispers fill the air.

Footsteps follow in their wake.

A door opens below.

Is it too late to run?

I must save myself from him.

He walks the night to find me.

His journey has come to an end.

And so has mine.






The trees bend to the wind.

Lightning flashes across the sky.

The rain drenches the town.

I’m safe and warm inside.

Nothing can reach me.

The storm ravages the land.

And I watch from my window.

I can’t be touched



Alley dark

She peeks through the curtain.

Of this I am certain,

she knows nothing of fear

as I draw myself near.

A smile is on her face

as I quicken my pace.

The window grows dark

but she left her mark.

I know which room she does live in.

It must be tidy as a pin.

Her dark eyes have beseeched me.

I know she will complete me.

I just have to summon the courage

before my heart goes back to storage.

We belong together as one.

I won’t stop until I have won.

I raise my hand to the door.

My tears are ready to pour.

I won’t step away.

I’ve come to here stay.


A feeling of cleanliness.
Let the water rain down on me.
I can’t resist its pull.
It draws me to the window.
I watch its majestic descent to earth.
It washes away all dirt.
The impurities left behind by humanity.
Wash me.
Clean me.
Make me feel fresh once again.

Who Let In The Dark?


Darkness enters my room 

in shades of midnight blue.

It breathes its cold breath

on my warm, sleeping face.

It wakes me from a dream

of blue cascading waves.

I am faced with the dark

and a hollow feeling inside.

Who opened my window?

Who let in the dark?




My mind is foggy today.

I need to clear the cobwebs.

Throw out the excess garbage.

The bad thoughts.

The worries.

All to the wind.

And think of a pretty place.

Where the birds chirp and play.

Where the mountains soar high.

Where windows bring in the light.

I can lift my face to the sun.

To the beauty of life.

To the smell of grass.

To the puffy white clouds.

I’m there right now.

Come and join me.



I see the men.

They are walking.

Through the cold forest.

Moving closer to my house.

Snow swirls around them.

Their feet crunch on the ice.

There are four of them.

Why are they here?

Four men of the night.

The window mists from my breath.

It fogs my view of them.

I must run.

I must hide.

The four men.