The lights turn on in the room so dark.

We came here for a dare and a lark.

The rooms are deserted and cold.

Ghosts would be present we were told.

All we see are dust and deserted rooms.

No one has lived here in so many moons.

The quiet is unnerving and thick.

Time for us to leave this scene real quick.

Something doesn’t feel right.

We must turn and take flight.

Before the noise from above

Thinks we are her lost love.

The weeping woman is coming near.

She dances and chuckles at our fear.

The doors and windows are locking.

Our escape the ghost is blocking.




My tears fall like weeping petals,

dripping down their long stem.

No hope is left in my heart

for us to be together again.

Raindrops cannot bring back this rose

nor my tears a love gone bad.

I lay my head down in sorrow

beside the wilted petals of despair.