Sherbrooke Forest | By Penny Whetton



The trees have been hurt,

Scarred by the recent storm.

Their leaves have fallen,

Fallen soldiers of nature’s war.

Without a proper burial,

No one will mourn for them.

New leaves will soon sprout

And take their place.

The cycle will continue

Through time and space.



Candles by simplysublime


The town of Oasis is plagued by dark shadows. Shana and her friends plan their own line of defense. They believe Wolf is responsible for the deaths and disappearances in town.

      Shana’s friends sit around her table in the back room of her mystical store with the lights off and the front door securely locked. A small candle on the table provides the only light in the room. Shadows on the walls sway back and forth with the motion of the flickering flame. Each time the shadows move, Shana jumps a little inside, remembering the dark figures that have been stalking her.
     Despite the fear racing through her icy veins, she says to the others, “We must confront Wolf on our own. “

Are they successful? Do they rid the town of the evil one and his followers?
Only The Dead know.


END OF TIMETime has stopped in mid-flight.Clouds have ceased circling the earth.The sun refuses to show its faceFor time has come to an end.The roar echoes through the land.Lights flicker in erratic spurts.The power reaches its hand downTo the silent earth below.My heart feels hollow and empty.Panic fills the empty spaces.My love has come to an endAnd so too has the world.A battle rages between my lovers.Built upon anger, passion, and deceit.The winner takes all,And soon even me.Todd must win this battle.His heat must melt the ice.He must save us from the evil one,Who holds us in the palm of his hand.The earth shakes and trembles in despair.A blanket of darkness descends in slow motion.The battle rages on in its fury.Clashes of swords echo its thunder.All is black.Darkness, my only friend.No sound to direct meTo the battlefield of hell.OUR GAMES HAVE JUST BEGUNTHE DEAD GAME

Time has stopped in mid-flight.
Clouds have ceased circling the earth.
The sun refuses to show its face
For time has come to an end.
The roar echoes through the land.
Lights flicker in erratic spurts.
The power reaches its hand down
To the silent earth below.
My heart feels hollow and empty.
Panic fills the empty spaces.
My love has come to an end
And so too has the world.
A battle rages between my lovers.
Built upon anger, passion, and deceit.
The winner takes all,
And soon even me.
Todd must win this battle.
His heat must melt the ice.
He must save us from the evil one,
Who holds us in the palm of his hand.
The earth shakes and trembles in despair.
A blanket of darkness descends in slow motion.
The battle rages on in its fury.
Clashes of swords echo its thunder.
All is black.
Darkness, my only friend.
No sound to direct me
To the battlefield of hell.

Salby Damned by Ian D. Moore


Salby Damned by Ian D. Moore

Book Description

A small rural town in a ruthless fight between The Shale Gas Fracking Corporation and The Residents Association sees the multi billion pound energy company drilling beneath the town with catastrophic results. A freelance reporter teams up with a mysterious council leader in a fight to save humanity against one of science’s most fearsome and deadly creations. They must race to find a cure whilst battling against hordes of flesh eating zombies intent on one thing and one thing only………..KILLING!
A gripping tale of intrigue, thriller and suspense combined with bribery, corruption and money beyond imagination culminating in a twist to an end you won’t see coming. For anyone loving zombie horror stories but who needs a little bit more of a story than just how many ways to kill the undead, this is for you, the plots, twists, romances and storyline will keep you reading to find out what happens next as well as giving your mind a good work out, culminating in a final chapter that will leave you wanting more. There are graphic scenes of violence included in this book and some mildly explicit love scenes though mostly by implication rather than description so suitable for ages 12yrs and upwards.
This book should take you from your surroundings and place you behind the rifle scope or in the meeting rooms or even flying high over the country in a helicopter…………I hope, as the author, that it does just that.

About the Author Ian D. Moore

My first novel, created originally using a Samsung Galaxy S4 while at my full time work as a HGV driver for a televised haulage firm. Written primarily in my breaks or waiting to load and unload, the story was originally a request by my younger sister and posted to Facebook in realtime as I wrote. When it finally got to be too big, I decided to attempt to turn it into my first ever published book, this is the result. From the first words to completion and publishing has taken ten weeks and I have more stories planned for the future. In the past I have also written poems for people and events and find that the writing allows me to drift from this world to wherever I choose to create another. It has been a lot of fun, and a learning curve to write, based on people I have known throughout my life with some factual content although I am not medically qualified in any way. I did however, serve in the army for a short time though and have tried to write in the essence of that experience in the relevant scenes.I hope that you will find the book gripping, that it makes you shiver from time to time and that it takes you from wherever you may be reading into the world created on the pages but most of all, I hope that you enjoy it.





The epic battle of the seasons.

Old man winter tries to

erase all signs of Fall.

He covers the ground

with his icy cold snow.

But Fall holds her leaves close

to her body and her heart.

Some have fallen,

lone casualties of war.

The battle rages

on the ground,

in the air,

and in the water.

Fall will have to succumb

to the dictates of Old man winter.

She has no choice.

But she puts up a valiant battle.

She will be back after Summer

finishes heating the earth.


We’ll see you soon.