Let the walls crumble.

The paint flake and peel

I need to get out

from this prison of mine.

My fingers are torn.

Nails are shredded.

But I must destroy

this wall around me.

No one can understand

my fear, my panic.

No one can help me

escape my demons.

This I must do alone.

Brick by brick,

the wall will fall.

A glimpse of outside

is all I need.

The sky appears,

clouds floating by.

The sun peeks in,

not to be left out.

I’m ready to be free.

To fly from my captors.

First, my head,

then my body.

I’m outside on the ledge,

balanced over the city.

I’m free to let go

and soar over cars

and people.

Join the tiny dots below.

Time to fly.


I want to look at the night,
Gaze out into the unknown.
Dare to dream of flight,
A dream of being unknown.

When night comes softly
On feet as light as air,
I can see more clearly
Of what I can dare.

Alone on this hilltop
With the embracing cold,
I will leap past boundaries
That I have created of my own.

Darkness hides all secrets
Beneath its cloak of despair.
Secrets that lie safe and secure
Under the cloak of my hair.

At night I can roam free
Without the hindrance of others.
I can leap over castle walls,
Past the slombering mothers.

Looking down at all below me,
Sleeping in their beds of down,
I can see how I am different
As my eyes sweep the town.


1 Nights come alive

I’m surrounded by blood,
Blood on the walls
And flowing through my veins.

Blood is thicker than water
And much more intense
As it trickles and oozes as it pleases.

It flows through family members
Like a disease that can’t be stopped,
Bringing with it torment and anguish.

I can’t escape the
Fingers crawling down the walls
And circling around me.

My only recourse is escape
From the walls caving in
As I tunnel my way out.

I want to be free from the evil
Destroying me from within,
Free from the despair and agony.








When night comes softly
On feet as light as air,
I can see clearly
Of what I shouldn’t dare.

Alone on this hilltop
With the embracing cold,
Boundaries cannot stop
Me from being so bold.

I want to look at the night,
Gaze out into the unknown,
Dare to dream of my flight,
And dream of where I have flown.

Secrets hidden in darkness,
Beneath a cloak of despair.
Shadows roaming in blackness.
A striking and deadly pair.

At night I can roam free
And sail forth on gossamer wings.
Be all that I can be
No matter what the dark night brings.




The castle’s walls are thick and sturdy.

Ready to withstand an attack.

Ready to protect its own.

But are they strong enough to block evil?

From evil seeping in.

From taking on different forms.

Disguised as a loved one.

Evil knows no bounds.

It will do anything to win.

You may strengthen your walls.

But evil always finds its way.


A light shines from within,
From the lone window.
The others reveal the darkness,
The darkness surrounding the creatures.
Trapped in the walls.
Locked in their prison.
Waiting for their master,
To unleash their terror
On the town of Oasis.
THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist