Why are the birds fleeing from Oasis?
Can they sense something?
Something that we can’t see?
They began flying at night fall.
And they haven’t stopped.
Where have they come from?
And where are they going?

We should take the hint
and leave this forsaken town.
A town in Florida,
where the sun shines at day
while dark shadows rule the night.
Haven’t we seen enough dead bodies?
Haven’t we lost enough of our own?
I say, “Time to go.”

The tides are rising.
The moon is glowing.
The shadows are appearing.
But Linda refuses to leave.
She wants to be the heroine.
And her friends want to perish
along with her.
Let them.
I’m leaving.
Goodbye to Oasis.
Goodbye to The Dead.

I waited too long.




waves by shore
End House was gone but the game wasn’t over for Linda and her friends.

    As the ground closed up, Linda noticed that the left section of the End House remained standing for a few moments before it also dissolved into the ground. She didn’t know if she had imagined it or if that section had survived in a transparent form before it had gone underground. She thought back and tried to remember if she had ever entered that side of the house. She realized that the answer was no; she didn’t even know what had been there.

    Turning to Todd, she asked, “Did you happen to see anything unusual with the left side of the house?”

     Todd look confused. “No. What did you see?”

     “The left side lingered for a while in a shadowy form, before melting into the ground. What was on that side?”

     “Nothing much—the first floor had an empty ballroom, and the upstairs had two empty bedrooms. And…oh. There was a locked door leading down to the tunnels beneath the house.”

     “What was in those tunnels? And where did they lead?”

     Todd said, “I haven’t heard anything recently about the tunnels. I don’t think anyone has gone down there for quite some years. There have been many rumors circulating about the tunnels being dungeons where people were trapped and tortured. I do remember hearing that the door wouldn’t open for anyone.”

     “Well, the left side of the house is now also underground in these tunnels. The dungeons could hold any number of evils. Maybe Tom and Edward—and possibly other humans, who’ve disappeared from town—could be down in those dungeons. Remember, we visited the tunnels when the stairs extended themselves below End House. It was terrifying down there with all those ghoulish creatures grabbing at us. The tunnel seemed to descend forever into a dark pit.”

     “Let’s not worry about this now. Maybe nothing will come of it—and if it does, we can deal with it in the future. I don’t want to frighten the others more than they have been already.”

     Linda nodded her head. But she didn’t agree. She wasn’t going to sweep this secret under the rug. If Tom and Edward were trapped down there, then she was going to find a way to free them. She was not going to allow demons to control her town and her friends any longer.




Why is the statue moving?

Is a wind ruffling its wings?

I hear a sigh.

Maybe a murmur.

Can it be speaking to me?

Is it lifting its head?

Is it looking at me?

Its eyes are sparkling.

Sparkling a green color.

Its body is shifting on its stand.

Time to run.

Time to leave this house of horrors.

Let’s get out of here.

Before The Dead play their games.

I don’t want to play anymore.






Take me to the church.
The town’s on fire.
Hell has let loose its demons.

Take me to the church.
The Town Hall has lost its windows.
The Dead are taking over the town.

Take me to the church.
I want to live.
I refuse to become one of The Dead.
We must run for shelter.

Take me to the church.
I can see the church.
It’s standing strong against the storm.
Its door is standing open.
Welcoming us.
Let’s go inside.

Take me to the church.
Hell is raining down upon us.
Creatures are stalking us.

Take me to the church.
The church is gone
in a puff of smoke.
It stands no more.
Only a blackened shell
of its former self.

Take me away.
The Dead have won.
They always do.

Take me away from here.



A carnival.

A carousel.





Cotton candy.

All good.


Not in Oasis, Florida.

Beneath the gaiety,

lies an evil.

An evil so dark

that nightmares are born.

Borne by the innocent

residents and tourists.

Can you feel it?

Can you hear it?

The coldness.

The evil laughter.

Come and join the fun.

THE DEAD accept one and all.





The Dead Game ~ Blog Tour

The Dead Game 

By Susanne Leist 

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Rhoda’s Writing Blog


Linda moves to a seaside town to live a quiet life. She opens a bookstore and makes new friends. Life is simple–that is until the dead body washes up on shore. Linda is horrified to find that dead bodies and disappearing tourists are common for this small town. As soon as the sun sets, the residents and tourists are stalked by dark shadows. But this is only the beginning.
Linda and her friends receive an unsigned invitation to a party at a deserted house. They are pursued through revolving rooms and dangerous traps, barely escaping with their lives. Two of their own remain trapped in the house. Or so they think. 

They must embark on a difficult journey, chased by unnatural creatures, not knowing whom to trust, to uncover the one controlling the game and everyone in town. Who are The Dead? Are they humans or vampires? Or a combination of both? Will there be an end to their evil game? Will Linda and Todd find love? Will a second book be needed?
The Dead Game has begun.

About the Author 

    Susanne Leist graduated with an M.B.A. in Finance. Wherever life has led her, through the hectic commodities’ markets or the number-crunching field of budgeting, she’s continued to read and daydream. Unbeknownst to her, she had been pursuing her dream all along, her dream of putting her words down on paper for everyone to enjoy. She currently resides on Long Island with her husband, two daughters, and Maltese.

     Her first book, The Dead Game, is a paranormal thriller with humans, vampires, and vampire derivatives. Her goal has been to write a book different than the usual vampire story or murder mystery. She wanted a murder mystery with victims, clues, and suspects. She created that and much more. The book has revolving rooms, traps, falling cages, and anything her active imagination could create. The Dead Game is a fun ride into the realms of the supernatural.

Book Excerpt 

winter fantasy

Chapter 22

     Their car neared the house. A stunning sight unfolded before their eyes. Encased in a tight circle of trees, shimmering from the lights strung through their heavy branches, the glass house sparkled against the dark night sky: a huge glass ball shooting green sparks of light from within its rounded walls. Its great dome twinkled as radiantly as the multitude of stars shining down from above.

      Todd left the car with the valet and led the way up the marble stairs to the rounded front door. Two armed men, dressed in tuxedos, guarded the door, their holstered guns only slightly marring the fantasy image running through Linda’s vivid imagination: for as soon as she turned away to admire the scenery, she was once again in fantasy land.

     The panorama facing her was doused in white. Gleaming white snow caps covered the tops of the tall trees and the great dome of the house. Snow was falling on them from somewhere. She could feel snowflakes melting on her lips. They felt wet, like real snowflakes. She touched her face and hair. Her hand came away wet. She had snow on her fingertips. She searched the grounds for a snow machine, but couldn’t locate anything—not on the glass domed roof or in any of the trees. She  couldn’t have, genuine snow was falling on them from the dark sky. The landscape resembled a winter wonderland despite it being fall in Florida.

     Todd placed his hand against her back to escort her into the house. The others followed them into the glowing green ball that was alive with dazzling lights, music, and laughter.

     Once inside, Linda was mesmerized by the glittering glass walls that mirrored the dancing images of the guests twirling around the marble dance floor. These images were cast in bright halos of light reflected from the myriad of crystal chandeliers hanging throughout the room.

     Soft candlelight from mounted crystal sconces flickered across the intricate patterns carved into the green walls. It was the most beautiful and fascinating house that she had ever seen. She glanced back and watched Shana’s mouth drop open. She was certain that Shana would agree that the house appeared simply magical.

     Couples were swirling around the immense dance floor. They were dancing in a large studio between Diane’s life-sized statues. Each sculpture was carved from clear glass: each one revealing a full-sized person. Linda found them to be too lifelike. She stood next to one and stared into it frozen face. She was startled by a fleeting expression of horror that seemed to cross over its features; as if a real person was trapped inside, staring out at her from within his glass tomb. Then the look was gone and the statue appeared lifeless once again

Author Interview 

Please introduce yourself and tell us something about your books.

     My name is Susanne Leist and I’m a new author. My book, The Dead Game is a paranormal mystery. It takes place in a small town, called Oasis, on the coast of Florida. During the day, this town is a paradise for its residents and abundant tourists with its picturesque streets, white-sand beaches, and warm waters. However, at night, the town turns dark and deadly. Dark shadows roam the streets. Tourists begin to disappear and bodies turn up dead on the beach. The evil in this town revolves around a deserted house. The younger residents are invited to a mysterious party at End House, and that is when the fun and games begin.

How did you come to write your first book and how long ago was it?

     I have been reading murder mysteries and thrillers since I was a teenager. I’ve read all types of mysteries, from Agatha Christie to Sherlock Holmes. In recent years, I’ve begun to read paranormal mysteries. These books bring fantasy and the surreal to the simple murder mystery.

     It is hard to find books that combine paranormal with mystery. That is why I have decided to write a paranormal, murder mystery of my own. It is the type of book that I search for and love to read.

     My book, The Dead Game, has dead bodies and suspects like a traditional murder mystery. However, it also has humans, vampires, and vampire derivatives. And don’t forget the haunted house—we must have one of these.

When you sit down to write a new story, do you know what the ending will be before you start or does it evolve as you write?

    This is the first book that I’ve written. I began with a basic idea in mind. I wanted a murder to take place in a small town. This murder would involve a house that was rigged with supernatural or mechanical traps and moving rooms. But I had no idea how the story would evolve or end. The end turned out to be a surprise to even me.

What do you do when you are not writing or reading?

    When I’m not writing, I enjoy being with my family. My daughters and I love fashion and we love to shop. My husband gets dragged along. I swim twice a week and read every day.

If you could holiday anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?

    I would love to travel everywhere in the world. The only countries I’ve visited so far are Canada, England, and Israel. There are so many places I would love to see. At least I could visit them in books.

I guess, like most authors, you are an avid reader – who are your favourite authors?  Do you read many books by indie authors?

     My favorite author is Brad Meltzer. It is fun and easy to read his books. His words flow smoothly and keep me engrossed in the stories. I like his characters. He weaves his extensive knowledge of Washington into the story lines.

     I buy a book by the description on the back cover and not by the author’s name. This has led me to explore books written by a wide variety of indie authors. I found Brad Meltzer by his book’s description before I heard about him as an author.

Where do you normally source your reading material – from your local library, a bookshop, Amazon or somewhere else?

    I buy books anywhere I can find them. If a book catches my eye, then I buy it. I buy online and in book stores.

Are you working on a new book at the moment?

     The Dead Game is the first book in a series. The first book resolves the murder mystery, but at the same time, opens a Pandora box of new mysteries. Its surprise ending will lead to more surprises.

     Once my book is further established in the marketplace, I will begin work on the second book. I have an outline and notes all ready to be used to write the next book. My writing often leads me in unknown directions, so I won’t know how the book will end until it does.


Character Questions 

 Who is your main character?

My main character is Linda Bennett. She moves to a small town to open a bookstore with an attached coffee shop. She wants to lead a quiet and peaceful life. But she is in for a surprise, since Oasis is anything but peaceful.

What should we know about her?

Linda is a good person who wants to be liked by everyone. She is sweet and kind. She develops a crush on Todd, but at first, she is too shy to speak to him. Her friendship with Shana brings her out of her shell and at times, gets her into trouble. She develops the nerve to speak with him and to voice her own opinions.

What is the main conflict? What messes up her life?

Her crush on Todd brings complications to her life. She finds him to be aloof. At first, she is drawn to his mysterious nature. But as she gets to know him better, this mystery soon becomes off-putting to her. She believes he’s hiding secrets from her; secrets that have to do with the elusive residents, and the murders and disappearances in town. 

What is her personal goal?

Her personal goal is to help save the town from the evil threatening to kill them. She doesn’t know if the evil controlling the town is human or a supernatural creature, but she is determined to find and destroy him or her with the help of her friends. 

She has a secondary goal of getting to know Todd better, and she has better luck with this than her first goal.

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Florida may seem like paradise.

Warm tropical breezes.

White sand.

Rolling waves.

Bright sunshine.

But wait until the storms.

The storms arrive

with a vengeance.

With a goal of murder

and destruction.

And what comes with

these winds?


They follow on the heels

of death and sorrow.

They destroy

whatever they touch.

So beware of the storms,

for they bring dark shadows.

THE DEAD are here to stay.






THE DEAD ARE BACK! THE DEAD ARE BACK! The black raven called out.

Chapter 37


     They stepped outside into the hot sun. The town turned dark with hovering black clouds. The mountain rumbled and shook. Trees began to sway with their frightened leaves flying from their trembling branches. Loud blasts of thunder surrounded them from all sides. The sky above End House lit up with bright flashes of red and orange lights. In the opposite direction, above the dark mansion, sizzling lightning bolts were streaking across the blackened sky.

     David said, “What now?” They made a mad dash to their cars.

     Todd said, “We will meet at the mansion. That’s where the eye of the storm is focused.”

     Their cars raced past the estates, speeding along the dirt path by the bed and breakfast, spewing gravel and dirt everywhere. The gingerbread house was lit up. People were streaming out the front door. Shana didn’t recognize any of them, but suspected that they were Abe and Anna’s missing children.

     As they drove up to the mansion, the storm intensified even further until the entire sky was lit up with lights as bright and colorful as a fireworks display. At each of the many windows, faces could be seen grinning at them. They didn’t appear to be human faces. Their elongated, white faces were stretched out like Silly Putty. Their oversized green eyes were glowing in the darkness behind each open window.

     Abe and his people caught up to them at the mansion. They stood behind their group as they watched the bizarre scene before them. They wore long overcoats over their dark clothes. Shana was intrigued to see what they had on beneath their coats. Maybe they were armed with special weapons.

     “Those are the vampires that we must now extinguish,” Abe said in a loud voice above the roaring storm.

     “How are we going to accomplish this feat?” Shana asked, skeptical of him and his family. Just what they needed now—a new gang of players thrown into the old, uncertain mix.






The Dark Stronghold by Kilian Schönberger

Step inside.

It is dark.

But don’t worry.

We are waiting for you.

Waiting for such a long time.

The walls are moving.

That’s because they’re

happy to see you.

Those aren’t arms and legs

pushing through the concrete.

The front door is locked?

Why don’t we go upstairs?

Look at the pretty staircase.

Gargoyles at each end.

They aren’t laughing with you

but at you.

Why you ask?

Because these aren’t stairs anymore,

but a long tunnel

to the dungeons below.

Try to grab hold of the walls.

I’m so sorry they are slippery.

Do you feel like you’re falling?

That’s because you are.

Falling deeper into the tunnel.

What lies below?

Why ruin the suspense?

You’ll find out

once you hit rock bottom.

Games could be

so much fun.








      Linda was snatched from the body of the large snake by Reece, who had flown up to her. He brought her down into Todd’s waiting arms.

     “I hope all the evil in town has been eliminated. Am I correct this time?” Todd asked the elders.

     You haven’t been correct once so far. Mike shook his head.

     Reece said, “I believe the evil is gone from town. You can all go home.”

     “Where was Hayden during all this?” Sam asked.

     “We sent him to Europe to take care of a few matters for us. We knew that either you or Sam would resolve this situation,” Reece said, walking over to shake Todd’s hand.

     “How did you know that one of us would be stepping in to save everyone? I was waiting for Hayden. I was attempting to buy us some time,” Todd said.

     You were just lucky this time, mocked Mike. If you had really tried, then things wouldn’t have worked out so well.

     “I knew that one of you would be successful, since you both have untapped powers that need to be further developed,” Reece said.

     “What type of powers?” Mike asked.

     “That’s for another day,” Reece said. He disappeared with Leanne and Diane right behind him.

     Mike glanced over at Todd and Sam, trying to figure out what these untapped powers could be.