the dead dance

The party at Diane’s house turns to the supernatural. It offers a medley of vampires, human vampires, and humans.

     After the meeting, Todd led Linda to a quiet corner. “Please return to the dance floor with me.”

     As she spun around the room with Todd, Linda searched for the other human vampires from Oasis. If they were on Todd’s side, then where were they? She wasn’t going to say anything to him about them; he had enough to worry about without her raising additional concerns. And what was a human vampire, anyway? Were they any better than regular vampires? According to Todd, human vampires were still human.

      Tired of worrying about the town and its strange inhabitants, Linda said to Todd, “For just a moment I’d like to believe this evening is magical— what I’d imagined for tonight.” She leaned her head against his shoulder and sighed.



This is the real me.

The one behind the mask.

There is a reason to fear.

The Dead will soon be here.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist





They fly against the Town Hall.

Our shelter from the storm.

They’ve found us.

Windows break.

Glass rains upon us.

The end has come.

Too soon.




Welcome to End House.

Step inside.

The party is about to begin.

Let me show you the way.

Where is everyone, you ask?

They’re here.

Can’t you hear them?




Candles light your way.

Follow their flickering path.

No harm will come to you.

I promise.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist



“ Into the tunnel we are thrown.
Been more careful if I had known.
We’re falling down a dark abyss.
Please someone give us an assist.
We’re falling too hard and fast.
This nightmare better not last.
Our time has come to an end
As we...


(Source: rexisky)

Into the tunnel we are thrown.

Been more careful if I had known.

We’re falling down a dark abyss.

Please someone give us an assist.


We’re falling too hard and fast.

This nightmare better not last.

Our time has come to an end

As we fly around the bend.


The Dead are waiting for us below.

I can hear them yelling out hello.

We land with a thump and a bang.

I’m now facing a big fat fang.








A long-buried secret emerges from the ruins of End House…


Five years of peace has ended for the residents of Oasis. Evil returns to wreak havoc on the seaside resort.


Linda Bennett’s dreams of happiness have always eluded her. Five years ago, she moved to Florida from New York to escape heartache. The Dead vampires and their leader, Wolf, had ruined any hopes of peace for her and her friends. Surrounded by vampires and hybrids—human vampires, Linda finds solace in her bookstore. Then one morning, the lights go out and an explosion rocks her shop and any future dreams for a happy ending.


Have The Dead and Wolf returned to exact their revenge on Oasis?


Linda and her close friends—Shana, David, and Louise—race to where lightning converges on an isolated spot behind the town. A sinkhole replaces End House’s former site. Around the hole stand The Watchers—the vampire police, the group of five hybrids, and The Elders—the local vampire leaders. Echoing from inside the dark pit are the voices of Father John, the vampire hunter, and Abe, the head Watcher. Trapped with them in the tunnels below Oasis is the magical door that controls time.


From this moment, Linda and Shana become embroiled in the twisted escapades of Todd, Sheriff Sam, and The Elders as they search for The Dead at an exclusive club in Disney World. Death and mayhem follow their every step. A masquerade ball and a romp through the tunnels lead to a showdown in the swamps of southern Florida.


Can Linda choose between Gregg and Todd—the two hybrids who compete for her heart and are at war on opposing sides? Will she find her happy ending?


Will Oasis survive the battle between good and evil?




PREY FOR THE DEAD by Susanne Leist
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Have The Dead returned to Oasis, Florida?

Will Linda & her friends have to travel to
an exclusive club at Disney World
where the rich & famous frolic with the undead? 



THE DEAD GAME – Goodbye to Oasis


Big waves crashing to shore.
Can’t take anything more.
Water hitting my face.
I can’t keep this fast pace.

Creatures at my back.
My world turning black.
Fear filling me with dread.
It’s them – the walking dead.

Fleeing the streets of the town,
Sidewalks turn a muddy brown.
The horrors follow me,
Nowhere safe left for me.

I can see the church’s tower.
It used to be the town’s power.
Now it stands defeated and dark.
I must cut through the shadowed park.

What future holds for this poor town?
Where everything is upside down.
The Dead have come for us at last.
We will soon be part of its past.







The forest torments me to no end.

I don’t want this to be a dead end.

Hot breath breathes close to my ear

as I make my way from here.

The woods are known to be haunted.

With dark whispers, I’ve been taunted.

I’ve passed this tree before.

I can’t run anymore.

The shadows are closing in.

The forest is dark as sin.

I must say goodbye to one and all.

It’s time to follow the bouncing ball.

The script has been written.

My neck has been bitten.

I bid you adieu.

A vampire, to you.


THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist