Snowbound at the inn,

no one can get in,

besides the cursed one

who has already won,

by picking off bodies,

one by one.



Our adventure in Maine has begun.

It’s much more than a walk in the sun.

Blue Harbor hides secrets and death.

You won’t have time to take a breath.

Life in Maine can be so peaceful and sublime

Until an evil curse targets friends of mine.



Oasis Hotel Pool

Silence reigns supreme.

The sun hides its face.

Palm trees shake their leaves.

Winds quicken their pace.

The hotel stands deserted.

Flapping sounds fill the air.

Dark shadows join the fray

Beneath his icy stare.



Silence reigns supreme.

The sun hides its face.

Palm trees shake their leaves.

Winds quicken their pace.

The hotel stands deserted.

Flapping sounds fill the air.

Dark shadows join the fray

beneath his icy stare.


by Susanne Leist


Run as the lounge chairs sail through the air.

Run as if death follows at your heels.

Run until you can’t anymore.

Run or this town will fall.




Linda had been hanging over a tank of alligators, suspended by a poisonous snake. How much worse could things get for the residents of Oasis? Were they finally safe? Were The Dead gone from town?  

      Linda was snatched from the body of the large snake by Reece, who had flown up to her. He brought her down into Todd’s waiting arms.

     “I hope all the evil in town has been eliminated. Am I correct this time?” Todd asked the elders.

     You haven’t been correct once so far. Mike shook his head.

      Reece said, “I believe all the evil has been taken care of. You can all go home.”

     “Where was Hayden during all this?” Sam asked.

     “We sent him to Europe to take care of a few matters for us. We knew that either you or Sam would resolve this situation,” Reece said, walking over to shake Todd’s hand.

     “How did you know that one of us would be stepping in to save everyone? I was waiting for Hayden. I was trying to buy us some time,” Todd said.

      You were just lucky this time. If you had really tried, then things wouldn’t have worked out so well.

     “I knew that one of you would be successful, since you both have untapped powers that need to be further developed,” Reece said.

      “What type of powers?” Mike asked.

      “That’s for another day,” Reece said. He then disappeared with Leanne and Diane right behind him.

     Mike looked over at Todd and Sam, trying to figure out what these untapped powers could be.



Linda was locked in a passionate embrace with Todd. But Todd’s mind seemed to be on other things again.

     Todd groaned in response, his playful tongue reversing direction, picking up speed until it reached her mouth once again. Then he descended upon her with his mouth; his warm mouth, which was molding itself to hers. His whole body was molding itself to hers, until she felt as one with him. She was falling…falling into his embrace….

     Right in the middle of their passionate embrace, Todd abruptly lifted his head to look down at her. “Are you sure that you wouldn’t rather be with a strong vampire like Hayden or a dashing vampire leader like Reece?” He was searching her eyes for her reaction.

     “Why would you think that I would be interested in either of them?” Linda asked. She felt lost without his touch, without his lips pressing down on hers, seeking entrance to her body. Why had he stopped kissing her? How could he turn himself on and off so rapidly? Her body was still humming from his kisses…and from that tongue…

     For some unknown reason he was acting insecure, but he was never unsure of himself. Maybe he just didn’t trust her after witnessing the passionate scene between her and Wolf. Or even worse, maybe he wasn’t as lost in their passion as she had been?

     Determined to change the subject, she asked, “Do you have any family? I have a large family with many cousins. I have two older brothers, who have always insisted on looking out for me. But do human vampires have families?” She was beginning to ramble on, so she stopped talking.

     He grinned down at her. “Of course I have a family. My father, who is a vampire, fell in love with a human and therefore, had chosen to join the experiment. The same thing had happened to Sam, Gregg, Judy, and Ryan.”

     “Do you have brothers and sisters?”

     “I don’t, but I have many vampire and human cousins.”

     “That should make for some interesting family gatherings. What about the older human vampires in town—who are now all dead?” She suddenly felt bereft without them.

     “Shirley, Hank, Minnie, and Frank were the original human vampires. They were created over forty years before our group. They never had children. Minnie and Frank were much older than they appeared. Human vampires don’t look their age, and live much longer than humans.”

     “You will age slowly while I grow old ungracefully,” she said.

     “You will never age ungracefully.”