The light beckons to me,

Calls from deep in the sea.

I’m tempted you can see.

I do want to be free.


I step inside,

Nowhere to hide.

The walls move in.

It’s dark as sin.


A door opens right before me

To a sky as clear as can be.

People walk the streets.

Music throbs and beats.


It’s a town that resembles mine

With picturesque streets looking fine.

My friend stops to wave and walks to me.

I turn my gaze to the sand and sea.


How can this be?

This town can’t be.

A copy of my town.

I cannot help but frown.


As friends join the first,

My mind threatens to burst.

I can’t handle another dream.

It’s not as nice as it may seem.


My town has deadly powers buried inside

And now has an evil twin to join its side.

I cannot handle this anymore.

I had more than enough blood and gore.


The story continues in book two.


THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist