A blue sky can bring me to cheer.

Come inside, I am waiting here.

You can soften the load

of troubles, I am told.

Please brighten the cold, dreary day.

Take me to places far away.

Heal my wounded pride.

I need your fire at my side.


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Run away with me ❤


Come run away with me,

Down the stairs to the sea.


We’ll take a fast ship.

Champagne we will sip.


Leave our troubles behind.

New ones we’re sure to find.


We’ll be together forever.

To me, you will always tether.


Rocky waves are waiting ahead.

But with me, you will make your bed.





I’m taking a road trip.

I shouldn’t have let that slip.

I’m trying to get away

To find a new place to stay.

Where troubles are left behind.

A place that no one can find.

Please don’t follow me.

I yearn to roam free.

Up ahead is a street light.

It’s the only one in sight.

I slow down and roll to a stop.

My car door opens with a pop.

My troubles line up on the road,

Waiting for me to stop, I’m told.

I can’t escape them this time

And not from this awful rhyme.

At the next chance, I get,

I’m off, ready and set.



We walk alone,

Year after year.

Troubles weigh us down,

No end in sight.

Our loads become heavy,

Our bodies weary.

Frowns on our faces,

Eyes to the sky above,

We ask for salvation.

No answer for our ears.

Hope lingers in our souls,

A hope for better days.

If not in this lifetime,

then maybe in the next.




Follow me on my journey.

Stay close behind.

I’m out for adventure.

Out to have some fun.

I don’t care if I have company.

More people to party with.

We’ll drive to the end of the road.

Then we’ll find another.

Until I’m far away from home.

Away from my troubles.

Away from people who bring me down.

Will you bring me down?

Are you from my past?

I must speed up and lose you.

I don’t want any old baggage.

I want to be free and light.

The car is gone.


Oh no!

It’s waiting for me up ahead.

I guess you can’t escape your problems.

They follow you everywhere.