Japanese Gardens – Portland, OR

Watch the water flow.

Down the mountain.

Over the rocks.

Carrying leaves and fish.

To new places.

To new sights.

Watch the fish jump and play.

The sun’s rays reflecting

on the smooth surface.

Listen to the soothing sounds.

The water splashing against

The submerged tree limbs.

How perfect.

How satisfying.

Dip your toes into the cold splendor.

That makes it perfect.


The winds have taken their victims.

Tree limbs are scattered across the grass.

A quiet descends upon the land.

Animals begin to peek out from

their hiding places.

Birds begin to chirp in unison,

happy to be free again.

The earth regenerates itself,

preparing for the new day.

Soon the sun will shine.

The clouds will clear.

And all will be right

with the world once more.