takingoffmyhood: stairs


I slip on the steps

and catch hold of the rickety banister.

A single light bulb swings on its chain,

revealing a dark basement ahead.

The door slams shut behind us.

I run to it.

It’s locked.

We move as one.

The floor fills with water.

I’m submerged to my knees.

The walls rattle.

Cages descend on ropes.

As they sway near us,

sharp stakes extend

from the bottom edges.

Circular saws follow them,

swirling between the empty cages.

THE DEAD GAME has begun.







They fly against the Town Hall.

Our shelter from the storm.

They’ve found us.

Windows break.

Glass rains upon us.

The end has come.

Too soon.




I see men


In the cold

Coming closer to my home.

Snow swirls around them.

Feet crunch on ice.

Four of them.

Why are they here?

Four men.

The window mists from my breath.

It fogs my view.

I must run.

I must hide.

Four men.




A beautiful gazebo.

Perfect for a wedding.

Fantasy comes to life.

Until the night.

Robed figures circle.

A noose hangs within.

It’s slipped around my neck.

I can’t move.

The figures circle faster.

The winds pick up speed.

I’m hanging.

Watching my life drift away.

A beautiful gazebo.





Who sits on my shelf

each night?

Who casts shadows

on my bedroom wall?

I move closer.

I must see what it is.

The head moves.

Its hood falls back.

A doll’s face appears.

A yellow glow

in the darkness.

Red eyes turn to me.

Burning a hot hole

right through me.



The Hunt



It first comes slowly
in the dead of night.
Walking on silent feet,
it draws near.
You run faster,
but it speeds up.
You dash into a building,
an empty school.
It soon follows,
bringing with it a silence.
You can feel its presence
as it moves closer.
It follows you
down the deserted hallway.
You check the doors.
You jiggle the knobs.
They’re all locked.
​You turn around
and stand strong.
Darkness falls
to encompass all.


Rocking Chair
The tale told by Abe and Anna about vampires in their town of Oasis had terrified Linda and Shana. They didn’t know whom to believe or trust. A tour through Abe and Anna’s house confused them further.



Shana was quiet during the tour as she tried to absorb what she’d just heard. She understood that it made some kind of weird sense. But why was the rocking chair in the attic facing the deserted mansion? She’d heard about the evil in End House, but she’d always assumed that the mansion stood empty and didn’t have a wicked history attached to it.

Hurrying down the front steps, Shana said, “Now we have to visit that mansion and discover what’s hidden over there that is so important for Abe and Anna to watch over. And what did she mean about it being supposedly deserted? Either it was or it wasn’t.”

Linda shook her head. “This place terrified me. I don’t know if I can handle another one.”

“Nothing happened to us. It appears that Abe and Anna are good and are just trying to protect our town from evil vampires.”

“That means they’re vampires themselves. How could vampires be good? How could we trust them?” Linda paced up and down the road in frantic circles.

“You accept the fact that vampires exist, but yet you can’t decide whether to trust them or not? I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the existence of vampires,” Shana said with a dry chuckle.

“I’m happy you find this amusing.”

“We’ve witnessed supernatural events at End House, so why would believing in vampires be farfetched? We should just accept the possibility of their existence and continue on from there.”

“Okay, let’s visit our next place before I chicken out…I just hope that I won’t have to say ‘I told you so’ afterward.”