Sparkle for me ocean blue.

I’ve come here only for you.

Your beauty tempts me this night.

I have given up the fight.


Wrap you cold arms around me.

I long to be light and free.

Pull me deeper inside.

I have long lost my pride.


Your water feels cold and nice.

I’ve become a block of ice.

Icicles hang from my hair.

But I don’t have any fear.


Warm me.

Soothe me.

Hold me.

Feel me.


I trusted you.

I had loved you.

I am nothing.

I am no more.






Sparkle for me ocean so blue.

Shine for me so bright.

Your beauty is entrancing

and much too tempting.


I want to throw my body

into your long arms.

Let them wrap

around my cold body.


Pull me deeper

into your smooth depths.

No god to defeat us.

No demon to lure us apart.


I’m coming inside you now.

My body feels like ice.

Icicles hanging from my hair.

I’m numb from the cold.


Warm me.

Soothe me.

Hold me.

I’m dying a slow death.


I had trusted you with all my heart.

But my heart has stopped pumping.

I float alone in the cold water. 

No one to save me.


I am a fool to have trusted you.

I am a fool no longer.

I am nothing.