Fill the pages of our lives
with words and stories.
Leave no blank pages.
Fill them with people and events.
Stories to tell our children.
Words to light our journeys.
We need to stand in the light.
Enjoy life to its fullest.
It is our right to fill in the pages.


THE BOOKPlease take a closer look.Something’s wrong with this book.The words have come alive.Breaking free to survive.They are bursting forth with pride.Smoke is pouring out from inside.Words need to be loved and sharedAnd not forced alone and scared.Let the stories come out and play.They will serve to brighten your day.

Please take a closer look.
Something’s wrong with this book.
The words have come alive,
Breaking free to survive.
Words need to be loved and shared
And not forced alone and scared.
Let the stories come out and play.
They will serve to brighten your day.

A Perfect Place To Be

A place to reflect and write,

Where the cold wouldn’t dare to bite.

I would lie down and close my eyes,

And listen to the windswept cries.

Creatures would circle my dome.

Maybe I will see a gnome.

Such stories I would create.

Tales of loss, love, and hate.

A snow globe just for me.

A perfect place to be.




Take a seat under the tree,
Where you can feel proud and free.
Crafty and free as the mighty red fox,
Who refuses to live in a box.

Freedom should never be taken lightly.
It must be revered and taken sprightly.
The fox is anxious and waiting for your choice.
Do you want to live in a box with no voice?

Come sit beside the fox in the shade.
Flowers grow here and not one a spade.
The smell so sweet and fragrant.
All friends and not one vagrant.

Close your eyes and feel the breeze.
Your writing will come with ease.
The words will flow from your pen.
Stories for women and men.

Take a nap in the meadow.
Life can be sweet and mellow.
You’ll wake up with a smile.
Eager to walk a mile.

Find your perfect spot to be.
Let your imagination free.
A place that makes you feel just right.
Your senses will know what to write.



Fill in the pages.

Fill the pages with

words and stories.

The world does not

have to be dark.

It does not have to be dreary.

We do not have to be alone.

We need to fill our lives with

people and events.

Stories to tell our children.

Words to light our paths.

No hovering in the darkness,

waiting for our time to come to an end.

But we need to stand in the light

and enjoy life.

It is short and precious.

But it is our right to fill in the pages.




detestably:</p> <p>A beautiful castle.<br /> It stands alone and deserted.<br /> What stories could it reveal to us?<br /> How many lives have passed through<br /> its majestic halls?<br /> Has there been dancing in its rooms?<br /> Or have sadness and death pervaded<br /> its stone walls?<br /> Go inside and listen to its story.<br /> Listen to the sighs and whispers,<br /> emanating from its dark rooms.<br /> What do you hear?<br /> I can hear both sadness and joy<br /> mixed together in its soft sighs.<br /> All you have to do is listen.</p> <p>


A beautiful castle.

It stands alone and deserted.

What stories could it reveal to us?

How many lives have passed through

its majestic halls?

Has there been dancing in its rooms?

Or have sadness and death pervaded

its stone walls?

Go inside and listen to its story.

Listen to the sighs and whispers,

emanating from its dark rooms.

What do you hear?

I can hear both sadness and joy

mixed together in its soft sighs.

All you have to do is listen.



Shana and Linda had just heard the tale from Abe and Anna about vampires in their town. They were terrified and didn’t know whether to believe them or not. Their town was plagued by dark shadows and unnatural events. They didn’t know who to believe or trust.

Shana, on the other hand, had remained very quiet during the tour of the house as she tried to absorb what she’d just heard. She understood that it made some kind of weird sense. She just couldn’t figure out why the rocking chair was facing the deserted mansion. She knew about the evil in End House, but she had always assumed that the mansion stood empty and didn’t have a wicked history attached to it.
After hurrying down the front steps, she said, “We must now visit the mansion and discover what’s hidden over there that is so important for Abe and Anna to keep watch over. And what did she mean about it being supposedly deserted? Either it is or it isn’t.”
Linda shook her head back and forth. “This place terrified me. I don’t know if I can handle another place like this.”
“Nothing happened to us. It appears that Abe and Anna are good and are just trying to protect our town from evil vampires.”
“That means that they are vampires themselves. How could vampires be good? How could we trust them?” Linda began to pace up and down the road in frantic circles.
“You readily accepted the fact that vampires exist, but yet you can’t decide whether to trust them or not? I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the existence of vampires,” answered Shana with amusement.
“I’m happy that you find this so amusing.”
“We’ve witnessed supernatural events at End House, so why would believing in vampires be farfetched? We should just accept the possibility of their existence and continue on from there.”
“Okay, let’s visit our next place before I chicken out…I just hope that I won’t have to say ‘I told you so’ afterward.”




A waitress with a name tag that read “Rose” came over to serve them. She looked friendly, with her bright-red hair and snapping gum. She took their order and then asked if she could assist them with anything else.

Linda decided to come straight out with what they wanted to know. She began by explaining their situation. “Two of our friends disappeared from a party given at End House this past Friday night. We suspect that the people who reside on the hill are the ones responsible. Do you know anything about them that can help us?”

Rose called over two men. “Hey! Rob and Joe! We need help here!”

Linda and Shana, becoming frightened, began to stand up. Then they noticed that the two old men, who were coming over to them, had big smiles on their wrinkled faces. They joined them at their booth.

Rose said to the men, “These women were at that party and they think that the hill people had something to do with the disappearances.”

The one called Joe, who had a full head of white hair and a long white beard, nodded his head in agreement. “We have always suspected that those people were evil. Tourists disappear every year and nothing is ever done about it. The sheriff seems to be in cahoots with them. Parties are given on the hill on the same two nights each year. On these nights, shadows can be seen creeping around the deserted streets of town.”

Rob, who wore very thick glasses and had curly grey hair, added, “The parties look like secret meetings of some society. Everything is always done after dark.”

Rose spoke up. “We never see these people until the sun goes down. They don’t bother talking to us. I’ve been living here thirty years and I’ve spoken to only a few of them.”

“Our town doesn’t go out after dark; we steer clear of the hill people. There have been many legends, but we don’t know if any are true,” confided Joe.

Shana asked, “What are some of the legends?”

“One legend describes the hill people as vampires in hiding. They meet with the rest of the vampires in the world twice a year. These meetings are planning sessions on how to keep their species alive,” Joe informed them.

“Another legend has the hill people as good vampires that are trying to rid the world of The Dead, a sect of evil vampires who enjoy killing people—just for fun. The Dead have greater powers than regular vampires and are led by a strong and malicious head vampire. The good vampires meet twice a year to plan the defense of their slowly diminishing group,” Rob explained.

“How can you remain living here if you believe the worst of the people in town?” asked a puzzled Linda. She didn’t believe in vampires, but if these people thought so poorly of the townspeople, then why didn’t they just leave?

Rose answered for them, “We don’t know if the legends are true. We’ve been living here unhurt all these years. Maybe the tourists disappearing are just coincidences. We can’t pack up our whole village and leave. We need the income from the ocean: the fishing has been very profitable.”

“Maybe they want you to remain living here for some sinister purpose,” said Shana. Oh great, now Shana is going to frighten them.

“If you find out anything, please let us know,” said Rose, with concern beginning to dawn in her eyes.

“Don’t worry. We’ll let you know of any new developments. We’ll figure this out and find our friends,” said Linda, trying to downplay Shana’s dire warning. The village looked lovely and peaceful on the surface, but Linda was afraid that there was much more brewing beneath the surface. As she ate her lunch, she tried to be as cheerful as possible so that Shana wouldn’t notice her rising fears and suspicions.



Life is one big roller-coaster ride,<br /> with ups and downs.<br /> It even has its slow moments—right<br /> before the fall.<br /> Enjoy all of it while you can.

Life is one big roller-coaster ride,

with ups and downs.

It even has its slow moments—right

before the fall.

Enjoy all of it while you can.

  • Shake up your life a little.<br /> Step out from the ordinary.<br /> Read a book.<br /> Conquer new frontiers.<br /> You won’t be disappointed.

Shake up your life a little.

Step out from the ordinary.

Read a book.

Conquer new frontiers.

You won’t be disappointed.

  • evipavlopoulou:</p> <p></p> <p>What would life be without dreams?<br /> What would we fill our minds with?<br /> We need flying horses and unicorns.<br /> We need to express our individuality and creativity.<br /> Without this, we would be all the same.<br /> Dream on!


What would life be without dreams?

What would we fill our minds with?

We need flying horses and unicorns.

We need to express our individuality and creativity.

Without this, we would be all the same.

Dream on!