paradise is here
A perfect oasis on the shore.
You could not ask for anything more.
Sun and surf during the day,
But at night there’s hell to pay.
The waves welcome daily swimmers,
But at night there are no winners.
Afraid to venture out after dark,
Residents stay clear of the town park.
One night, a hanging party was had
By the dark creatures who are plain bad.
Our town is plagued by darkness and woe.
We don’t even know who is our foe.



I’m standing in a thick darkness.
Where I am
I don’t know.
Maybe in a dream.
Or in a nightmare.
Ahead I see two scenes.
Two choices.

I can follow the sounds of the surf
and join the man swimming in the ocean.
An ocean filled with strong waves.
I can smell the salty air
and hear the pounding waves.
Or I can follow the path of flowers
and walk through the colorful archways.
The sweet smell entices me,
drawing me in.

What to do?
Is one choice better than the other?
The ocean can be exciting but also dangerous.
The path of flowers could be pretty but boring.
What should I do?
What would you do?

If I don’t wake up soon,
I will have to make a choice.
I close my eyes.
I open them.
I’m still here.
I’ll go with the safe choice,
since I’m a no risk person.
I’ll leave the adventure to someone else.

The flowers smell so sweet.
The sun shines above.
I can hear birds again.
Will I see my white bird?
Oh yes.
There it is.
Flying above me.
Did I make the right choice?

Oh, look.
I’m back home.
Where I started from.
I guess I made the correct choice.
The correct choice for me.


I want to be there.

Not here by my computer.

But there on the beach.

Walking on the sand.

Feeling the cold water

hit my toes.

The pounding surf

against my body.

Spray of salt water

on my face.



Like a cocoon,

enveloping me,

comforting me.

I close my eyes

and feel a laugh

bubbling inside of me,

ready to take flight.

A laugh of delight

and freedom.

Come join me.

A fantasy can

be easily shared.


We fight nature’s will.

Ride its mighty waves.

Dig up its natural resources.

Cut down its plentiful trees.

Pollute its clear waters.

But will we ever have total control?

Make it bow to our will.


Nature can never be tamed

or controlled.

It will remain strong,

long after we’re gone.