Books and More Books

A desire guides us.

It pushes us to take chances.

A chance to dream,

Perchance to succeed.

The goal of being a writer.

A lover of words and stories.

Someone respected and admired.

A talent gifted to the few.

The long road ahead is long and hard.

Full of ups and downs.

Mostly downs.

But we persevere despite it all.

Despite our family’s skepticism.

Despite the initial costs that continue to climb.

Despite the bad advice from greedy publishing companies.

How do we succeed against all odds?

We find comfort in our support groups.

In our review groups.

We find solace among our peers.

The more experienced show the way

Through the confusion and road blocks.

We learn the hard way,

Through trial and error.

But it will be worth it

Once our book is completed,

We clap each other on the backs

And say, “A job well done.”

Time for the next book.



By Rhaevyn Hart

Do you feel empty inside?

Nothing to offer the world.

No words of wisdom to share.

No pretty pictures to paint.

No music to play.

This isn’t true.

Everyone has something to offer.

Whether it’s good food, fun and

laughter, or just love, we all have

something to give the world.

Let no one make you feel unimportant.

We all have important roles to play in life.

What is yours?