The new spring blooms colors.

But who even bothers

to breathe the sweet air?

I don’t have a care.

My car fails to start,

a walk in the park.

I raise my small hand.

Gone is the quicksand.

It races down the hill,

the most heavenly thrill.

Shocked faces turn to me.

Only houses I see.




Pink flowers to fill my day.

Petals falling in soft flight.

Ready to come out and play.

A soothing and heady sight.

A shady path to soft dreams.

To hot days and warmer nights.

Pink filling the lakes and streams.

A large toast to spring’s best sights.


ourperfectearth Deactivated 

Collapsing Giants. Greenland. [1080×108] Photo by Daniel Kordan


The mighty now fall,

Who had been so tall.

Melting to the sea,

Where no one can see

The majesty of your height

Or the last breath of your fight.

Please don’t leave us now.

Don’t take your last bow.

The earth will be a sadder place

Without your bright and shiny face.





Lost and forgotten.

Dripping in snow.

Frozen with ice.

Wheels shivering.

Handlebars sagging.

Until the spring.

Flowers blooming.

Roads clearing.

Water dripping off.

Wheels turning.

Its seat taken.

Out for a ride.




Safe and secure.

Beneath the bridge.

Rain splashing free.

Wild on its journey.

Watering the trees.

Filling the grass.

Life for the flowers.

Puddles for the concrete.

A splash.

A spray.

Cold on my face.


Surrounding me.

With life.


Watch it grow.
Watch it bloom.
Pretty rose.
Sweet perfume. 

The beautiful color.
Pink like cotton candy.
Facing the morning sun.
Happy as a dandy.

It is a bud.
When will it bloom
and open wide?
I hope it’s soon.

I’m ready for flowers.
I’m ready for spring.
Eager to see the buds.
Let the spring bells ring.

How about one rose?
The first bloom of the season.
That would be enough.
I think it’s within reason.




I feel so cold.

Ice is forming on my arms.

What is happening to me?

Why are my leaves drying up?


A cold wind just hit me in the face.

I wish I could hide.

But I’m stuck in place.


And waiting.

I think I fell asleep.

For the sun is out.

My ice is melting.

The breeze is now warmer.

It’s brushing the snow

off my cold arms.

My arms feel less heavy.

Soon it will be spring.

Time for celebration.

I can’t wait to see my

green leaves again.

Birds will return to

sit on my arms.

They will build their nests.

Life will be good again.

Only a few short months left.

I will take another snooze.

See you in the spring.